About Founder

About Founder


Stephen has a BSc from the Culture of Arts & Tourism College and received his MBA from Khanh Hoa University (Name at Present).

Graduated in Nha Trang

Stephen graduated from Nha Trang City on 30, June 2008 and started to be a Tour Guide in Nha Trang Bay.

First Job as a Tour Guide

His duty to take people on tour to visit many island for snorkeling and doing water sports activities until 2012.

First Company Established

His first company established in 2012. The company was Friendly Travel Nha Trang.

He works as a Tour Operator and Marketer of Nha Trang real unique experiences as well as handling the business side of building the company.

Mission and Subject

Stephen focus to take the travelers to real unique experiences and meet the local people to connect them learn more about the Vietnam culture, friendly people. Helped to preserve the handicraft to develop the local tourism.

Remain Conical hat, Mat weaves, Cooking class, Make Noodles.

Beside the developing his travel company, he enjoys to sing & plays sport.

Favorite Slogan

"Traveling is the best ways to learn everything"

Stephen Tai Tran (Founder)

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