Krong Kmar Waterfall Daklak

Krong Kmar Waterfall Daklak:

Krong Kmar Waterfall Daklak. The Krong Kmar Waterfall spews white spumes and makes a sequence of roaring sounds that reverberate across the forest. There are huge and smooth rocks next to the waterfall where travelers may go sightseeing or have a little party. Those who want to explore the alpine terrain can go upstream from here to the top of the water source, where the Krong Kmar Waterfall begins.

Krong Kmar Waterfall Daklak

  • The¬†Legend of Krong Kmar Waterfall Daklak:

The creek flows downstream on the Chu Yang Sin mount, forming uninterrupted waterfall steps. Water from Krong Kmar waterfall is thrown upon granite stairs, generating a string of sound that rumbles vibrantly in the forest.

While the majority of Dak Lak's other notable waterfalls, such as Gia Long and Dray Nur, all originate from the fabled Serepok river, Krong Kmar waterfall is unique in that it originates from the river above Chu Tang mountain. Sin is referred to as the Central Highlands' roof.

There are numerous huge and flat stones-like tables behind the waterfall's water pillars allowing tourists to pause, ponder the view, or throw a small party in the midst of the stream. People who want to explore the hilly scenery can stroll downstream following the waterfall or upstream following the waterfall. They will be amazed by a vast blue lake that is dozens of meters deep and nestled in a pine forest with melodious bird music all year.

Visitors will be surprised to see a large deep lake surrounded by the pine forest, which is abundant with the melodic music of trees and the whispering of birds all year round. This place is very calm while the waterfall produces great noises all day round. It is ideal for those who enjoy the calm and poetic delight of nature. Coming to Krong Kmar Waterfall, visitors enjoy the magnificent landscape that nature has endowed to this land. Visitors can take a bath in the cool and clear falling water.

Krong Kmar Waterfall Daklak

How to go to Krong Kmar Waterfall Daklak?

  • About 3 kilometers from the center of Krong Bong District to the direction of the Chu Yang Sin Range and about 60km from the center of Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak province. The Krong Kmar Waterfall is formed by the Krong Kmar River, which flows from the highest point of the Chu Yang Sin Range, which is called the roof of the Highlands.
  • Most people arrive at the trailhead by motorcycle (as part of the Daklak backroads trip) and arrange a one-day picnic here. Behind the waterfall's water pillars, there are several flat stones that serve as tables for tourists to stop, eat, and have a little party in the center of the stream.
  • Some notes when visiting Krong Kmar waterfall
  • Should wear sports shoes, preferably anti-slippery shoes because the terrain here is quite difficult to go to and there are many stones with moss.
  • Prepare sunscreen, skin cream, mosquito repellent, and necessary medical equipment in case of uncertainty.
  • Bring snacks and drinks, a tent, a thin coat, and a grill (if camping).
  • Do not stay overnight or come back too late because the jungle is quite dangerous.
  • When life is too stressful, the work piling up on your shoulders makes you tired, visiting Krong Kmar waterfall in Dak Lak and immersing in the fresh, peaceful atmosphere of the mountains and forests will be an extremely active activity. ideal and necessary

Krong Kmar Waterfall Daklak

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