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Apple Store Vietnam. On May 18, the online Apple Store was officially launched for Vietnamese consumers. This is Apple's own online retailing platform. This system now serves Vietnamese users, and the customer service crew speaks Vietnamese. When consumers pick the Vietnam area on the website, they may now buy Apple items straight online.

Apple Store Vietnam:

According to VietNamNet, the selling price of Apple products varies between the online store and authorized dealers in Vietnam. The identical 128GB iPhone 14 Pro model costs 27.99 million VND on the online Apple Store and 24.79 million VND at Mobile World. This model costs the same as another authorized system, FPT Shop, at 24.78 million.

"Customers are always at the heart of everything we do, and we are very excited to launch the Apple Store online in the Vietnamese market," said Ms. Deirdre O'Brien, Senior Vice President of Retail for Apple. Apple contributes.

"With today's expansion, we are honored to support customers in the process of discovering and purchasing our products and services, connecting them with our knowledgeable staff. , while delivering the best Apple experience, in a new and impressive way," stated a spokeswoman for Apple.

Currently, Apple is giving free delivery on all orders from Vietnamese customers. Vietnamese consumers can pay in a variety of ways, including credit cards, debit cards, the MoMo e-wallet, and direct one-time payments via VISA, Mastercard, or as MoMo will enable. Add an installment payment.

Apple Store Vietnam

Mr. Nguyen The Kha, Director of Mobile Telecommunications Division, FPT Shop & F.Studio by FPT System, told VietNamNet that he could not speak on behalf of the firm and could only offer information in his role. We are an authentic Apple reseller in Vietnam." Mr. Kha believes that the online launch of the Apple Store marks a significant milestone in Apple's market investment. This will help to boost overall industry growth.

The Head of FPT Shop's Mobile Telecommunications Division feels that coupled with Apple's latest move, Vietnamese customers will benefit from having a variety of options and incentives when shopping for Apple goods. Opening an online shop in the Vietnamese market is a wise decision that demonstrates Apple's belief in the Vietnamese market's potential for growth.

Apple Store Vietnam

"The online Apple Store in Vietnam will offer a standard pricing frame that can be used as a reference point, especially given the continually varying costs of Apple items in Vietnam. This shift also allows domestic shops to reflect on their own systems and make changes to improve consumer experience and retention," Mr. Nguyen The Kha explained.

When asked about the higher selling price of the online Apple Store, a representative of FPT Shop stated: "When we deeply evaluate the market and consumption habits of Vietnamese people, we realize that dealer systems will not Apple's online store will have difficulty "attracting" Vietnamese customers in terms of price, online-only delivery policy (no offline experience/pickup), and return policy at the time of receiving the device. If there are any hardware or cosmetic issues, technical support services for data conversion, SIM card, or warranty assistance."

Commenting on the introduction of the Apple Store online in Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Minh Khue, Viettel Store media representative, stated that this is a fresh experience for individuals who have long enjoyed Apple products in Vietnam. For almost a decade.

"Users who order products online directly from Apple will receive professional experiences from ordering on the website, to home delivery by the company," stated a representative from Viettel Store.

Apple Store Vietnam

Apple can prioritize the Vietnamese market and open the first Apple Store when the iPhone 16 is released.

"Recent developments show that Apple is paying special attention to Vietnamese users," a retail system official stated. "With its present growth pace, Vietnam has the potential to become a priority market at the highest level by 2024. At that time, the corporation will build an Apple Store and begin selling iPhones and other items in key countries including the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia..." However, this insider noted that this is only a goal for Apple, not an official strategy.

According to Apple product salespeople, the rumor of an Apple Store opening in Vietnam is not new, but there have been numerous signals that it may soon become a reality. "Previously, we were at tiers 4-5 (Apple's priority rating); lately, we were at tier 3 and on our way to top 2. Even with some product and service regulations, we are already tier two," stated an Apple-approved dealer representative.

Following Thailand and Singapore, Vietnam is seen as the next possible market for the opening of an Apple Store in Southeast Asia. According to analysts, the most essential factor for Apple to consider is Vietnam's extremely excellent sales growth rate, which is now the greatest in the region, as well as the high rate of Apple product customers.

Apple presently distributes its goods internationally through several formats, including Apple Store, Apple Mono Store, AAR (Apple Authorized Retailer), and APR (Apple Premium Retailer). Except for the Apple Store, all remaining models have been approved by third parties and are available in Vietnam. In the last two years, the Mono Store concept has thrived, with stores that solely offer Apple products in collaboration with F.Studio, The Gioi Di Dong, Future World, eDigi, and ShopDunk. In addition to retail systems, Apple permits warranty and repair services in Vietnam under the ASP model with Dien Dien Vui through CellPhoneS.

According to some accounts, Apple has frequently scouted potential locations for an Apple Store in Vietnam. The firm considered opening in Hanoi near the old town center, Hoan Kiem Lake, or Ho Chi Minh City's District 1 commercial district and metro. For instance, Hanoi suffers challenges when there are few qualified premises in terms of space and scale, but Ho Chi Minh City is an economic hub with more possibilities.

The Apple Store sells all Apple products and is controlled and managed directly by the corporation. In addition to shopping, this is regarded as a desirable tourist attraction due to its magnificent, famous "Apple" architecture. To deliver a consistent experience, the organization will need to examine a variety of factors such as revenue, people training, and equipment installation. There are presently over 500 Apple Stores worldwide, with the majority in the United States (272), followed by China (43), the United Kingdom (39), and Canada (28). In Southeast Asia, Thailand has two Apple Stores. Store, whereas Singapore has three.

Apple is also aiming to have a more official presence in the Vietnamese market. Ms. Nguyen Thai Hai Van was recently hired as the company's first country director for Vietnam. Previously, the domestic market was managed by a regional director based in Singapore. According to some accounts, Apple has just recently formed its marketing department for the Vietnamese market, in June. In addition, the firm began to use a promotion and marketing strategy similar to other big smartphone companies like Samsung and Xiaomi rather than going through retail channels as before.

Previously, in the financial report for the second quarter of 2022, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that Vietnam is one of four rising areas that have contributed to the company's growth. "iPhone tends to be the driving force for these markets," he stated.

Apple Store Vietnam


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