Bamboo Basket Boat In Nha Trang

Known as "Thung Chai" in Nha Trang, Vietnam, the bamboo basket boats are one of Vietnam's best-known fishing transport. Particularly for islands, a fisherman in short transit on the sea is essential for moving around the fishing net. The "bamboo basket boat" is a small, circular craft used by fishermen to get onshore after docking their boat in the sea.

Bamboo Basket Boat In Nha Trang Information:

A fishing boat equips a bamboo basket works as the "arm" of the fisherman and is also the "child" boat of the "mother" boat. Thus, it is a permanent fixture onboard. Offshore fishing vessels, in particular, must have five to ten bamboo basket boats. When the ship has a problem, the basket boat is a great way to escape. In the ocean, many "Strange" ships regularly harm fishermen by chopping down bamboo basket boats to eliminate the way to do business at sea because of this "strategic" approach.

The advantage of the bamboo basket boat is difficult to overturn, easy to turn in a narrow space, because of its round shape; For example, when a large ship passes by, the small boat is easy to "sink" but the basket boats still floats and surfs well, because riding on the waves is the strength of this type of boats.

In addition, fishermen who do not need any additional tools can still move the basket of bottles on the water, called "shaking the basket". “To shake the basket, the legs must be firmly in the middle of the basket, the hands grasp the rim of the basket tightly, the body leans slightly towards the desired direction, the buttocks and shoulders shake vigorously, gliding on the sea smoothly.

Bamboo Basket Boat In Nha Trang

Bamboo Basket Boats In Hon Mieu Island Nha Trang:

“Mieu Island Nha Trang (Bong Nguyen Island) with an area of ​​​​about 1.3 km² is the nearest island in Nha Trang Bay with 15 minutes transfer by boat. This island is famous for the clear blue sea and on the island, and a long-standing traditional fishing village. Fishermen on Hon Mieu island mainly live by lobster farming and fishing in the ocean.

In recent years, due to the increasing number of tourists coming to Hon Mieu Island, Nha Trang, seafood restaurants along the island have sprouted up more and more. The specialties on the island are lobster, squid, fish, oysters, snails, and crabs, all of which are fresh, visitors can freely choose right at the floating fish farm and enjoy in the restaurant nearby.

Visiting the lobster cages, tourists often choose a basket boat to move, so the basket boat has become an attractive and preferred means for tourists, every day there is about 100-300 foreign try on bamboo basket boats.

Bamboo Basket Boat In Nha Trang

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