Cricket Farm Dalat

Cricket Farm Dalat:

Cricket farm Dalat is one of the most recently interesting experiences when visiting Da Lat city, leaving tourists with memorable memories of the extremely primitive creature of Vietnam rural town. The farm is located in Me Linh commune nearby Me Linh Coffee Plantation, Lam Ha district, Lam Dong, 30 kilometers from Da Lat city, by Nguyen Quang Huy, a regular local with a dream to provide a modest picture of a Vietnamese unique species, the crickets, to outsiders as a gift to understand Vietnamese culture.

Cricket rivalry has been a particular traditional pastime in Vietnam for many decades. Visitors to the cricket farm can not only be amazed by the bizarre look of crickets, but they can also witness some thrilling insect activities firsthand. Listening to their voice at night in the summer will be one of the most stunning sensations for both foreigners and Vietnamese people, the cricket voice like a childhood sound calling them back to a joyful period linked with the very typical picture of a Vietnamese rural hamlet.

Cricket Farm Dalat

  • The History of Cricket Farm Dalat:

Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy owns the farm. Since beginning to establish the farm in 2012, he has faced several challenges, but through his own efforts, he has achieved significant triumphs, like establishing his own cricket farm, and earning a good profit.

The farmer traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to gain additional experience in order to ensure that the crickets are purebred and grow up every day. Wild crickets take longer to domesticate because they generally dwell in different environments than farmed crickets. As a result, his cricket farm developed and thrived. When the crickets reach maturity, Mr. Huy (the owner) sells around 50kg for 400,000/kg. Mr. Huy obtains around 20 million VND every month as a result of this, excluding the earnings from visitors that come to visit. Furthermore, crickets from the farm are shipped to other towns in the South and Central areas.

What's special about Dalat cricket farm?

The unique development model, the Dalat cricket farm has been attractive, creating curiosity for many people when traveling to Da Lat. Because of the following:

  • Today's Da Lat cricket farm is significantly more developed than when it was first established. Crickets are grown in a clean, safe environment, so their flesh is solid and they grow fast.
  • Tourists will be fascinated and interested in Huy's vast knowledge of cricket farming. Not only Vietnamese residents, but also foreign visitors, visit the farm frequently to learn about this unusual breeding approach.
  • Furthermore, the cricket farm in Da Lat is a novel model that few others follow. Through the chirping of crickets, visitors are immersed in the environment of the Vietnamese countryside, and many Vietnamese people appear to be reliving their youth and childhood.
  • Many foreign tourists are astounded that they can pick up each cricket with their hands and view so many crickets at once. The robust crickets in the Dalat cricket farm will provide you with fresh experiences.

Snacks made from cricket farm Dalat:

Snacks made from crickets are diverse, with many different types, becoming one of the specialties of Da Lat. Coming to Dalat cricket farm, you will enjoy dishes such as fried crickets, grilled crickets, roasted crickets with salt and pepper, and fried with butter. But the most famous, most loved snack is fried crickets with lemongrass.

The recipe for fried crickets with lemongrass is fairly easy. The crickets used for this meal will not be fed for two days. It just drinks water to cleanse the body and flush away toxic things. Crickets are frequently rinsed and steamed before being fried to maintain all of the nutrients for the meal.

Not only that, but Dalat cricket farm also has a special wine, cricket wine. Crickets used to make wine are usually female crickets preparing to spawn and keeping eggs. Because cricket farmers think that the time to prepare for reproduction is when crickets have the most nutrients in the body. There are many researchers that believe that cricket wine can be used to treat pain, good health, and urinary stones.

Many visitors admire and enjoy the plate of food that is roasted to a golden brown, delicious, and crispy when put into the mouth to chew. It is an unforgettable feeling for first-time eaters, as well as those who have eaten before. And tourists to Dalat cricket farm also do not forget to buy gifts for family members and bring Dalat specialties everywhere.

Cricket Farm Dalat

How to find Cricket Farm Dalat?

It takes 20km from Lam Vien Square Dalat. If you start going from Dalat market. Then you should follow the 3/2 street of Da Lat city. Next, you will meet at a roundabout and go to Hoang Van Thu street in Dalat. You continue to run straight along the road along Cam Ly Waterfall to Van Thanh Flower Village.

When you get here, you just need to go a little further. You will meet a fork in the road and see a signpost in the direction of Ta Nung Pass in Da Lat. Visitors continue to run all the way to the end of the pass to reach Me Linh commune.

The starting point is from the city center. If you go to 3/2 street, you will see a roundabout and turn right to Hoang Van Thu street. Keep going straight until the Van Thanh Flower Village. You only need to run about 5 more km, you will reach Me Linh Plantation Dalat, provincial road 725 that you are looking for.

Cricket Farm Dalat


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