Fish Sauce Factory In Phu Yen

Fish Sauce Factory In Phu Yen:

For a long time, the phrase "Ganh Do Phu Yen fish sauce" has been passed down by word of mouth. During the war, the guys depended on limited meals of rice and fish sauce to stay strong enough to face the enemy. Although the fish sauce is salty, it has a high protein content and can become addictive if consumed in large quantities. As a result, fish sauce is produced from scratch and sold throughout the day to make a livelihood.

  • The History of Fish Sauce Factory In Phu Yen:

Since then, fish sauce has been the village's spirit. The moniker "fish sauce village" stems from the fact that everyone in the community manufactures fish sauce. However, no one called this settlement "Ganh Do" at the time. The Ganh Do Phu Yen fish sauce brand was not introduced until after 1975, and this name has been retained since then.

Although each county along Vietnam's coast has its own brand of fish sauce, if you've ever had Phu Yen's Ganh Do fish sauce, you'll never forget the salty, delicious taste. fragrance combined with the fishy taste of anchovies, resulting in a flavor that only Ganh Do Phu Yen can have. In actuality, Ganh Do Phu Yen is not a brand name for a fish sauce firm, but rather a generic moniker for tiny fish sauce enterprises that all use the same formula to manufacture Ganh Do Phu Yen fish sauce. Of course, no other brand is the same, giving this meal a distinct and varied flavor.

Fish Sauce Factory In Phu Yen

  • One of the best fish sauce brands in Vietnam:

Industrial fish sauce: comprises a very tiny amount of fish sauce, as well as several additions and chemicals to preserve, color, and generate aroma. Since then, it had a pleasant flavor and lacks the "strong odor" of pure fish sauce, making it ideal for a wide range of individuals. The color is very consistent and does not fade over time. However, because it includes a large number of chemicals, it is not suitable for everyone's health.

Pure fish sauce: it has a stronger odor, and people who are not acclimated to it will be "stunned." If the temperature is low, you will see that the bottom of the bottle has a closed layer of salt, and there is even a ripple of closed salt on the top. When you lift the cover after a time, the fish sauce will have become black. When you shake the bottle, you'll notice anchovy ripples - evidence of the natural distillation and aging process.

Ganh Do Phu Yen solely utilizes fresh anchovies from Phu Yen's far offshore seas, and salt in the Tuyet Diem Song Cau sea. The fish sauce is matured for 10 to 18 months, allowing the fish's core to dissolve into water and provide the juice, which is the cleanest pure fish sauce. This fish sauce contains around 30 degrees of natural protein. Inside fish sauce, you'll find Omega 3, iron, vitamins B1, B2, PP, and, most notably, B12, all of which are beneficial to your digestive system. It also contains Lysine, which helps youngsters eat better, enhance their metabolism, absorb nutrients, and grow taller.

Fish Sauce Factory In Phu Yen


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