Thanh Luong Pagoda In Phu Yen

Thanh Luong Pagoda In Phu Yen:

Thanh Luong Pagoda is one of Vietnam's most well-known pagodas, located in My Quang Nam hamlet of An Chan commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province, about 10 kilometers from Tuy Hoa city center. With an ideal design constructed of natural materials, it creates a serene, quiet, contemplative, and magnificent setting. From the picture of the roads to the architecture within the temple, everything is really beautiful and appealing... The environment around Thanh Luong Pagoda is quite tranquil and quiet; inhabitants in the area rely on fishing and gas. After all, the four seasons are pleasant, thus the temple is a popular Phu Yen tourist attraction.

  • The History of Thanh Luong Pagoda In Phu Yen:

Folklore has it that around the end of the 18th century, a few Chinese merchants came to Phu Yen to do business, trade, and exchange commodities. These folks erected the Thanh Luong Phu Yen pagoda to worship and pray for peace, as a spiritual refuge. The Chinese community here has dwindled over time, and this temple has become barren and run-down. The statue of Lady Buddha Avalokitesvara that had floated near Hon Dua beach in 2004 was coordinated by people and workers to bring it to Thanh Luong pagoda. Since then, the lives of the inhabitants here have been wealthier as a result of their faith in luck, favorable rain, and excellent wind, conquering storms every time they sail out to sea.

The abbot of the pagoda, Venerable Thich Quang Ngo, has steadily adorned and erected an ideal temple, depositing the Vietnamese spirit with distinctive architecture, introducing the breath of the central sea and island culture via a deft mix of marine coral and coconut shells. The rough coconut shells and rough corals are beautifully carved through the craftsman's hands from the rough coconut shells and rough corals with the expert inventiveness of the craftsmen and the breakthrough innovation of abbot Thich Quang Ngo. The roof of the pagoda has a smooth, natural curve. The inside of the pagoda is formed of coconut shells, which lend harmony to the entire temple. The brown, black, and white portions of the coconut shell combine to create a unique, perfect, and distinct beauty.

Thanh Luong Pagoda In Phu Yen

  • The beautiful half-underwater portrait of Lady Buddha Statue:

Tam Quan gate, Long Thuy lake, Quan Am temple, and Zen hall are all part of the Thanh Luong pagoda's structure. The statue of Quan The Am Buddha, roughly 7 meters tall and concealed in the center of the "infinity lake," reflects majestically into the beautiful blue water. The lake is pretty huge, and there is a giant lovely blue Buddha statue at one of its corners. There is a meandering stone walkway in front of the statue where tourists can visit Buddha and take photographs. The picture of the Lady Buddha smiling compassionately and both hands coming out of the water lends distinct holiness and concentration to the temple hall.

Thanh Luong Phu Yen Pagoda is distinguished by its use of coral and coconut shells, as well as the figure of Buddha that stands in the middle of Long An Lake. A boardwalk floating on the water in front of the statue allows tourists to come closer to the statue to observe and photograph it before visiting.

Nowadays, Thanh Luong Pagoda in Phu Yen is considered the first temple to use coral and coconut shells to cover the roof of the Ancestral Church.

Thanh Luong Pagoda In Phu Yen

Coming to Thanh Luong Pagoda in Phu Yen region will inspire you with calm and tranquillity. The temple's landscape is incredibly peaceful, yet no less impressive. Although it lacks the splendor of other temples, Thanh Luong Pagoda nonetheless draws tourists with its distinctive construction and the sweet demeanor of the people who live here.


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