Hanoi Train Street Cafe

Hanoi Train Street Cafe. Where is Train Street? When will the train travel through the street? Where is the greatest spot to enjoy it? In this guide, we've included useful information and advice regarding Train Street in Hanoi. And indeed, the roadway remains open. You need to know how to get in there.

Hanoi Train Street Cafe:

It's always fun to pass by Train Street, the city's famous and more than a century-old street. A unique street. Because it is made of railways rather than asphalt, it is changed into a railway a few times every day as the train passes down the tiny street with crowded residences on both sides.

The Hanoi Train Track Cafe is a well-known establishment in Hanoi Capital City. This location frequently draws a huge number of travelers who come to discover and check in. Known as a component in Hanoi's tourist growth, many visitors come here to have coffee alongside the train and witness residents' daily lives.

Train Street has been one of Hanoi's most popular attractions for many years. In some respects, it's strange that watching a train pass by has grown so popular. Even though Train Street has become a popular tourist destination, it is a unique sensation to sit in a cafe next to the tracks and feel the thrill as the train passes.

Hanoi Train Street Cafe

  • The Story Behind Hanoi Train Street?

French colonists built the railway in 1902. It passes through the center of Hanoi and connects the Vietnamese capital to the rest of the country. It extends 2.652 kilometers from north to south, although there are only two brief parts, each of a few hundred meters, where you may sit at arm's length to train lines.

The unique aspect of Train Street is that it works (nearly) like any other street in the old town. With tiny stores, cafes, and ordinary life. Every day, trains rumble across the front yards of families who live here. Parents pull their lively children to the side, chickens and dogs are chased off the tracks, and laundry flutters on the balcony as a lengthy caravan of train carriages passes past.

Train Street has always been a popular tourist destination, and in 2017, a resident saw an opportunity and created a café. It rapidly became a hit, and other cafés blossomed along the tracks. At least that's what we were told, and that explains why many of the buildings on Train Street now contain modest coffee shops with open facades.

Hanoi Train Street Cafe

  • There is no access for tourists.?

According to the authorities, the street had become too unsafe to visit. Too many people had gathered too close to the rails to get the finest Instagram snap of the train passing by.

Today, Train Street is only restricted for particular times of time, and only residents are legally permitted to go freely on the street. As a visitor, you may still enter Train Street by visiting one of the many cafés. They have kept their authority to continue open. The new security measures appear to be a reaction to insta-daredevils, as well as a desire for a more sustainable and profitable business model.

Hanoi Train Street Cafe

  • You may locate Train Street here:

Train Track Cafe Hanoi is located on Phung Hung Street in Hang Ma, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi. However, it is more easy to stop on Tran Phu Street since there is parking available. Then you may simply get to Phung Hung Street.

The first thing you should do when you visit Hanoi Train Track Cafe is take some amazing shots and check in. However, to assure your safety, a train timetable is posted on the wall of coffee shops. Let's pay attention to it so that you can protect yourselves!

1/ Train Street (North):

Train Street (North) is located in the Old Quarter, between the main railway station and Long Bien Station. The café line begins where the train lines intersect Trần Phú Street and extends approximately 100 meters down Phùng Hưng Street. Please keep in mind that the railway crossing is blocked at times, therefore you must utilize alternate routes to get to the street. 

2/ Train Street (South):

Train Street (south) is approximately a 25-minute walk from the Old Quarter. The street is located south of the main train station, parallel to Le Duan Street. The length of the cafes is around 200 meters long, and you may easily go onto the rails from either end of the street. Sat at Cafe 65 Railway Coffee, which is placed in the center of the line and offers a panoramic view in all directions.

Cafe 90 Duong Tau, East Gate:

The first cafe you should try is cafe 90 Duong Tau - Cua Dong. It is situated at 26C Phung Hung, East Gate, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. This is one of the busiest eateries around. Furthermore, the coffee store exudes a calm and serene atmosphere.

Cafe San Ga 62, Phung Hung:

Cafe San Ga 62 - Phung Hung is located at 62 P. Phung Hung, East Gate, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, and has a beautiful view of the railway panorama. You can even feel the vibration of trains as they pass.

MER Cafe 48 Đuong Tau:

MER Cafe 48 Duong Tau is located at 48 Phung Hung, East Gate, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. The cafe has an antique air that brings back memories of Hanoi in the 1990s. The business is attractive and offers excellent services. This is also an excellent place to learn about local life and get the finest views of each train.

Hanoi Train Street Cafe

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