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Nha Trang is not only famous for the shimmering sandy beaches, the luxurious and qualified resorts, and the bustling nightlife but also the commercial activities in local markets as well as shopping malls. Coming to Nha Trang, you for sure want to bring home some specific things in this landscape like a memory of this beautiful city. I will assist you with the typical souvenirs clothes of Nha Trang, and in addition, the recommended places to go shopping in Nha Trang.

Next to handicrafts and jewels, tailor clothes are advised as a way to spend your money wisely. For a long time, the tailored apparel in Nha Trang has enjoyed a strong reputation for its high quality, attractive designs, as well as its competitive costs. Alternatively, you can buy off-the-shelf clothes, which are always accessible at any shop.

Tailor In Nha Trang Directions & Information:

Hoang Yen Tailor Nha Trang:

Hoang Yen Tailor, a modest family tailoring business that has been around for over a century, has a reputation for being a high-quality and meticulous tailor, beloved by many Nha Trang people.

Located in Nha Trang, is a fantastic destination to get custom-made suits and silk gowns. From Tran Phu Beach, consumers can choose from a variety of materials and colors, including authentic Vietnamese silk, at this shop located just five minutes away. Friendly personnel is glad to recommend styles that best suit your style and physique. Hoang Yen Tailor's team of expert seamstresses ensures that orders are ready within 24-48 hours.

Address: 88 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Phone: 0258 3521 615

Email: hoangyen_tailor@yahoo.com.vn

Quan Tailor Nha Trang:

Regarding design Advising, customers will have direct contact with the store owner for assistance and measurements. Regarding Quan Tailor's staff, they have a team of highly skilled professionals with a wealth of experience in the field of fashion. As a result, you will feel pleasant even the most demanding request.

Address: 116, 23/10 street, Phuong Son ward, Nha Trang City
Tel: 0258 382 6226 - 0905 112 180

Tailor Nha Trang

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