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VinMart is a Vietnamese supermarket chain owned by the Masan Group. On November 20, 2014, this system became operational. According to Vietnam Report data, as of November 2017, VinMart and its subsidiary chain VinMart were the top two stores in terms of consumer interest, and the top four in the globe. Top ten trustworthy stores in 2017.

Vinmart Plaza Nha Trang Directions & Information:

In May 2019, VinMart has about 111 supermarkets and more than 1,800 VinMart stores in nearly 50 provinces and cities with a total business area of ​​more than 300,000 m2, the number of employees is more than 11,000 people. By August 2021, the number of VMs and VM has reached 2,600.
VinMart's products include fresh food, semi-processed food, clothing, cosmetics, home appliances, stationery, toys, etc.

In October 2018, VinGroup acquired the chain of 23 Fivimart supermarkets, a brand with more than 10 years of operation in the market, and merged it into VinMart. After the consolidation, the number of Vin's supermarkets is more than 100, along with more than 1,400 VinMart convenience stores.

No one in Vietnam has ever heard of the brand Nha Trang Vinmart. Vingroup, Vietnam's largest multi-sector economic conglomerate, owns those large brand networks.

Everywhere you look in Nha Trang, you'll see the Vinmart supermarket system. Nha Trang is home to a wide range of products that may satisfy the needs of people, including:

Food: Imported fruit, fresh vegetables, US/Australian beef, salmon, pork. All are censored, offering clear origins such as drinks, bread, cakes, dumpling, or personal utilities.

Vinmart's retail system, which runs under the motto "For a higher quality of life in every household," protects the interests of every consumer. Shoppers will be blown away by the store's attractive atmosphere, reasonable utensils, and pleasant staff when they visit this store.

Opening Hours: 08:30 - 22:00

1/ Vincom Plaza Le Thanh Ton Branch

Address: 44-46 Le Thanh Ton, Loc Tho Ward, Nha Trang City
Hotline: 079 3841 987

2/ Vinmart Nha Trang Supermarket Branch

Address: 60 Thai Nguyen, Phuong Sai Ward, Nha Trang City
Hotline: 1800 6968

3/ Vincom Plaza Tran Phu Branch

Address: 78-80 Tran Phu, Loc Tho ward, Nha Trang city
Hotline: 0986 581 540

Vin Mart Nha Trang

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