Lang Nhot Lake Camping Nha Trang

Lang Nhot Lake Glamping Nha Trang:

"Lang Nho" is known as a Small Village located at Lang Nhot Lake, it is around 23 kilometers from the central of Nha Trang and is a popular family holiday destination. If you have the opportunity to come to Nha Trang in the near future, do not pass up this opportunity to offer yourself the finest holiday possible. To go to Little Village in Lang Nhot Lake, you may rent a car/motorbike or book a private tour to get here. If you don't know how to go to a safe location, use Google Maps or ask the people around you.

  • The Nature Life of Lang Nhot Lake Glamping Nha Trang:

The major glamping location is the Little Village eco-tourism area, which is located directly next to the lake. This is a new tourist area that is still under development, so it's a little chaotic and the service is a little restricted, but I believe they have made a good investment in design and are near to nature. All sleeping areas are tents and camps, with each center building built of wood, semicircular, roofs planted with green grass, and all hidden in a forest of trees, which looks rather nice.

The path to the stream is formed of a long wooden bridge, the trees are also kept in good condition, and there is some cool luxuriant vegetation. It's extremely wonderful to weave around each block of rocks and trees while listening to the water flow.

In addition, when visiting Little Village, you can engage in activities such as (seasonal) fruit harvesting, paddling on Lang Nhot Lake, or viewing a very calm sunset in the village square. According to many visitors, Lang Nhot Lake has nothing but a real view and a lovely and romantic environment that will have you observing for hours.

Lang Nhot Lake Glamping Nha Trang

  • The beauty of Lang Nhot Lake Glamping Nha Trang:

Small Village - A place to serve delicious and quality meals with the heart and love of the Village sent in, where you can sip a cup of coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise or a cup of lemon tea in the afternoon while watching the sunset, and don't forget to look at the architecture, which is unique here with assembled wooden structure combined with a grass roof. Little Village provides everyone with a great journey in a pristine environment, allowing us to rest, experience, and enjoy ourselves.

Little Village (Lang Nhot Lake) offers a variety of exciting and demanding tourist activities, such as trekking, wading, and sleeping in a hammock. Walking and wading in a lush environment will help you forget about the weariness and loudness of daily life. Only the tranquillity of mountains, trees, and forest birds remains around you. Little Village (Lake Lang Nhot) is also an interesting camping location that you may visit. There are several huts in the hamlet; you may pre-register to select the best ones with the best views.

Lang Nhot Lake Glamping Nha Trang Activities:

  • High-class Hut tents in the middle of the hill are placed on extremely solid and safe wooden floors, especially since the view of Lang Nhot Lake is super chill.
  • Soft mattresses, blankets, and pillows ensure you a good and warm sleep.
  • Clean bathroom, and toilet, equipped with water heater.
  • Although using generators (7 am - 5 pm) and solar lights, you need everything you need: fans, lights, battery chargers, etc.
  • Food and drinks are thoughtfully prepared throughout the journey.
  • Hiking the hill road, conquering the top of the monkey, crossing the forest to find a stream 7km (group of more than 10 guests)
  • Hiking is also the forest belt road to find streams 3km.
  • Wading streams and bathing streams
  • Take a canoe to see the scenery of Lang Nhot Lake
  • There's nothing to break when you harvest
  • Check-in architectural Pavilion works
  • Take a photo tour
  • Campfire (weekend/group of more than 10 guests) and sing with a guitar

Lang Nhot Lake Camping Nha Trang


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