Bao Dai Villas Nha Trang

When visiting the lovely coastal city of Nha Trang, Bao Dai Palace Nha Trang is a popular site for many travelers. Visitors to this location not only enjoy the villa's unusual construction, but they can also overlook the lovely beaches from here.

Bao Dai Villas Nha Trang Directions & Information:

Bao Dai Villas is located on a hill jutting out into the sea. This is one of the attractive tourist destinations in Nha Trang. From the Bao Dai Villas, visitors can have a panoramic view of the city, especially Tran Phu street. In summer, the landscape is very beautiful with many colorful flowers and windy blowing from the sea.

On the top of the hill, there are 5 villas built in old French architecture. Each house is given a name associated with the surrounding plants such as Xuong Rong (Les Agaves), Bong Giay (Les Bouguinvilles), Phuong Vy (Les Flamboyants), Cay Bang (Les Badamniers), and Bong Su (Les Frangipaniers).

Previously, these villas were the place of scientists working at Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography. Then, the two most beautiful mansions, Xuong Rong and Hoa Su, were assigned to the Nguyen dynasty, under King Bao Dai. King Bao Dai used these 2 villas when he came to Nha Trang for holiday.

From 2018, Bao Dai Villas was closed for the construction to a new style. 

The project aims to develop a high-class resort, including a new 5-star hotel, villas, service, and auxiliary works serving the resort; conservation and enhancement of existing villas and the surrounding scenery.

The idea of the project design follows the notion of keeping maximum landscape space to recognize the worth of five existing homes. In a conclusion, five existing villas have been conserved and enhanced both inside and out. The basic adjustment plan stays the same as the previous planning plan for functional subdivisions, but the duty for safeguarding the value of these five existing villas is more clearly defined.

Bao Dai Villas Nha Trang is expected will be complete in 2023.

Bao Dai Villas Nha Trang

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