Datanla Waterfall In Dalat

Datanla Waterfall In Dalat:

Datanla Dalat waterfall is a big waterfall in the Dalat tourism region, about 10 kilometers south of the city center and resting on Prenn Pass, one of the most lyrical routes in the misty city. Unlike other rapids that growl fiercely, Datanla waterfall has a wild beauty but beautiful poetry; you will fall in love with this spot at first sight when the water begins to trickle down slowly,  slipped through the high walls, and floated slightly downstream.

Unlike other waterfalls, Datanla waterfall has a wild beauty but beautiful poetry; you will fall in love with this area at first sight when the water begins to flow down slowly. slid through the high walls and floated downstream somewhat Datanla waterfall, which is located more than 20 meters upstream, constantly runs slowly, sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully, through the white foamy rocks.

Datanla Waterfall In Dalat

  • The Legend of Datanla Waterfall In Dalat:

There are amazing tales surrounding this waterfall, including the one that Datanla is where the hero K'Lang and the mountain girl H'biang met. Lang faced exotic animals such as two cobras, seven wolves, and two foxes here. That war is also evident in the traditions of ethnic minorities: "The trees fell, the wind roared furiously, and the combat was terrible. Taking advantage of the two cobras sticking out their mouths, Lang took out a knife and went to the forest to chop off the cobra's two blades before shooting 9 arrows at the wolves and foxes, causing them to flee".

Deep holes are formed by the destroyed forest, one of which is the pit of Death at the base of the waterfall. Since then, Datanla has been the couple's courting location, and the tale of the famed Lang Biang Mountain has grown. There is also a belief that Datanla is a waterfall where fairies frequently bathe due to its clean water and several layers of leaves. When the ethnic minorities found the waterfall, they dubbed it "Da Tam Nha," which means "behind the leaves there is water," because they had no idea there was water beneath the foliage. When the French and Kinh arrived on this poetic plateau, the sound was modified to "Datina" and eventually "Datanla".

Datanla Waterfall In Dalat

If you want to see the waterfall, you may take one of two meandering steep trails with about 200 stairs. Alternatively, utilize the alpine coaster. In addition to the main waterfall for visitors, the Datanla waterfall system features several additional magnificent waterfalls. Recently, Datanla Tourist Area has frequently coordinated the organization of adventure activities for daring visitors, such as climbing cliffs, crossing woods, and following the Datanla stream to the Prenn bridge.

Datanla Alpine Coaster:

  • Kindly read “Things to note” below to get the latest information about travel guidelines in the post-Covid-19 period.
  • Zip through the lush forest of Datanla on an alpine coaster.
  • Experience the thrill of riding through the 2,400-meter-long coaster trail, the longest in Asia.
  • Pass by the majestic Datanla Waterfalls, the most beautiful waterfalls in Da Lat.
  • Speed up or slow down; the coaster's brake arms will ensure you'll have time for pictures in between stops.
  • Engineered by Wiegand, the new alpine coaster has a magnetic brake system that controls the distance between cars.

Not only is the natural scenery lovely and romantic, but it also attracts tourists. And this is most likely an adventure tourism destination. There are several games that are quite popular among travelers. I'll definitely be here. You will discover and feel the most lovely emotions. Along with it, there are adventure games and intense sentiments. It will make your trip, sightseeing, and family moments more memorable and enjoyable.

Datanla Waterfall In Dalat


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