Cat Ba Island Vietnam

Cat Ba Island Vietnam. Cat Ba Island is known as "the pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin" and is a must-see location for all visitors visiting Hai Phong. This page will give you with important information for your journey to Cat Ba Island.

Cat Ba Island Vietnam:

Cat Ba Island has long been a secret gem, going overlooked by travelers. However, because of its stunning blue water and intriguing tunnels, it is currently one of the top tourist attractions in Hai Phong. With the trip experience described here, nature enthusiasts will have another must-see destination to add to their travel bucket lists.

Cat Ba Island is the primary and largest of the 367 islands that make up the Cat Ba Archipelago. Cat Ba Vietnam, located 45 kilometers east of Hai Phong City and 25 kilometers from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay, stands out as a symbol of local tourism.

Cat Ba is Vietnam's third biosphere reserve, covering about 26,000 hectares of exceptional biodiversity. Notably, in 2004, UNESCO designated this island as a Biosphere Reserve Zone. Cat Ba landscape is known for its karst topography. This type of geography, which includes limestone mountains, magnificent caverns, and clean white sandy beaches, adds to the island's particular appeal.

The weather in Cat Ba is affected by the tropical monsoon climate that prevails in the area. Cat Ba Island receives warm to hot weather all year. The average yearly temperature is between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius, with the warmest months being June and August. During this time, visitors may swim, sunbathe, and relax on Cat Ba's numerous beaches.

Between November and April, tourists may expect clear sky and bright sunny days. The reasonable quantity of sunshine makes for wonderful photo opportunity! If you prefer milder weather, visit to Cat Ba during December and February, when temperatures range from 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. The only months to avoid visiting the island are July and August, when it rains most heavily. Typhoons and tropical storms may occur on occasion within this time frame.

Cat Ba Island Vietnam

To go to Cat Ba Island, you must first visit Hai Phong City. You may fly into Cat Bi International Airport, take the train to Hai Phong Railway Station, or take a bus from another city in Vietnam. Transfer from Hai Phong to the Ben Binh pier. This is the primary departure point for boats and ferries to Cat Ba Island. You may get to the pier via cab or local bus. The travel often takes 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic.

At the Ben Binh Pier, you may take ferries and speedboats to Cat Ba Island. It will take 45 minutes to an hour to go to Cat Ba Island Pier. Upon arrival, you can enjoy the island's splendor at your leisure.

Cat Ba Island Vietnam

  • Things To Do In Cat Ba Island Vietnam:

Cat Ba Island has not only stunning beaches but also spectacular mountains that are ideal for rock climbing. This excursion will provide you with a unique experience and a highlight of your visit to this wonderful pearl island. Unlike other sites in the globe, the rock mountains here vary in features and forms, eliciting a range of feelings as people climb to the summit.

Kayaking, one of the most popular outdoor activities on Cat Ba Island, is a must-do during your vacation. Imagine yourself on your way to exploring secluded secret lagoons and uninhabited islands on your tiny kayak. It would be quite adventurous!

Cat Ba Island is known for its beautiful, colorful coral reefs that depict the seas of the Gulf of Tonkin. These coral reefs are strictly protected, which promotes tourism growth. Many diving programs are planned so that guests may appreciate the coral reefs and photograph the vibrant underwater vegetation.

Night squid fishing is a unique kind of amusement on Cat Ba. A short fishing excursion costs around 700,000 VND. However, it is beneficial since you may not only acquire fishing techniques from professional fishermen but also spend a memorable night on the water.

Cai Beo Fishing Village is one of the largest historic fishing communities in the country, going back around 7000 years. Tourists may discover hundreds of dwellings lined up like a little metropolis around 2 kilometers south of Cat Ba Island. Tourists may come here to see the gorgeous environment, eat delicious seafood, and learn about local culture.

Cat Ba National Park is located in Cat Hai District, approximately 30 kilometers south of the city center. This is one of Vietnam's largest special-use forests, spanning 26,240 hectares and preserving the world's ecology. Cat Ba National Park is home to several marine habitats, terrestrial forests, submerged forests, and unusual flora and wildlife, making it a Biosphere Reserve.

Cat Ba Island Vietnam

The food has been a distinguishing feature of local tourism. This gastronomic wonderland is home to a variety of must-try dishes, including otter clams, shrimp noodles, and sea snakes. In addition, Cat Hai fish sauce, Cat Ba wild honey, and other dried seafood make excellent presents for the family.

Sea cuisine is highly popular on Cat Ba Island, which is situated by the sea. Cat Ba Island's nightlife is understandably restricted given its reputation as a location to rest and unwind. However, there are some expat-owned cafes and bistros in the main town where you may drink and listen to live music late into the night.

Everything, including the beaches, is within walking distance from your harborside accommodation. You may visit the island by motorbike taxi; pricing is very flexible, but expect to pay 100,000 VND per hour. You may also hire a motorcycle for 80,000 to 100,000 VND per day from several locations in Cat Ba Town. Mountain bikes are also available.

Cat Ba Island Vietnam

Hopping on a Hanoi-Haiphong highway bus will take you from Hanoi to Cat Ba island in around 3-5 hours (4 hours on average). There are various operators, but try Cat Ba Express, and Good Morning Cat Ba for reasonable prices and good service.

Another way is to take a private car/van from Hanoi to Cat Ba. There is a ferry but when you have a private car to this island, you could be able to discover Cat Ba National Park and get around on the island by your vehicle.

Don’t forget that you can also get to Cat Ba Island by taking an overnight cruise (2 nights option) through Lan Ha Bay. Almost Lan Ha Bay cruises offer an excursion with cycling through Viet Hai Village on Cat Ba Island.

From Hanoi to Got Pier via Sea Bridge Tan Vu - Lach Huyen (*). Then take a speedboat to Phu Long Pier, where you will meet another bus for a journey to the town center. Tan Vu-Lach Huyen (Tân Vũ Lạch Huyện), the longest sea bridge in Vietnam and South East Asia, was inaugurated in Hai Phong City in early September 2017. The bridge originates in Hai Phong City on the highway coming from Hanoi and terminates on Cat Hai Island. The bridge's length across the water is 5.4 kilometers. Cat Hai Island is approximately 1.5 kilometers from the biggest island in Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island.

Cat Ba Island Vietnam


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