For a long time, "tam rice" was a popular street food in Vietnam. You can easily find a wonderful 'team rice' restaurant in Hanoi or Saigon, as well as Da Nang, Nha Trang, and other parts of Vietnam.

"Tam rice" is well-known and liked not just by Vietnamese but also by foreign visitors; many people are "captivated" by this flavorful and filling dish.

Today, "Tam rice" has a completely different design with numerous appealing elements, although it still employs "Tam rice" to cook rice. Grilled pork is the most common element. The pieces of meat are marinated in seasonings before being baked. The aroma of meat and spices fills the air, accompanied by the sound of fat falling into the hot oven. That little bit is enough to arouse the viewer's senses of smell and taste.

In Nha Trang, the most "Tam Rice" may be found on a rice plate, with just the rice with pork gillied to cover the entire dish. As a result, this is one of the breakfasts that most people prefer, and Tam rice with many famous "Tam rice" cafes is progressively shifting to the evening to serve more people.

"Com Tam" Tiny Rice Nha Trang Selected List:


Not only is the fish sauce thick and delectable in the piece of rice plate crystals that cannot be overlooked. If "Tam rice" is tasty, it is heavily reliant on the fish sauce.

Below are the top absolutely delicious "Com Tam" Nha Trang stores with costs from 25.000 VND/ dish to 40.000 VND/ dish; have a wonderful time!

  • "Com Tam Truong Tau" at 26 Ly Tu Trong street
  • "Com Tam Suon Que" at 66 Ngo Gia Tu street
  • "Com Tam Suon" at 21 Le Quy Don street
  • "Com Tam Sai Gon" at 2 Tran Nguyen Han street
  • "Com Tam Suon" at 82 Trinh Phong street

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