Euro 2024 Train Travel

Euro 2024 Train Travel. Germany's express trains will make visiting Euro 2024 enthusiasts feel at ease. A massive inflow of football fans from England and Scotland might exacerbate train delays during euro 2024 in Germany.

Euro 2024 Train Travel:

Welcome to the guide for train travel in Germany during the Euro 2024 football competition, which runs from June 14 to July 14. The objective is for UEFA Euro 2024 to be as environmentally friendly as possible, thus getting to the games by train is key to how the football event has been arranged. So, even if using the train isn't your first option, this advice will help you make such trips as smoothly and cheaply as possible. It also helps when deciding on a base city to stay in throughout the group games, which obviously makes things simpler.

A smart place to start is by clicking on the name of the city where your team will play its first match. You may discover information on how to access stadiums from rail stations, final trains of the day, and reduced rail tickets for match ticket holders. Instead of driving across Germany, for €39, you may push a button and have an ice-cold drink brought to you in your comfy and reserved first-class seat on a train traveling at over 250 km/h!

Euro 2024 Train Travel

Why will the train be the way to go for Euro 2024?

Taking the train during Euro 2024 will frequently be the easier alternative, because:

Nine of the 10 Euro 2024 stadiums have designated public transportation terminals, while the one that doesn't, Hamburg, offers free shuttle buses to and from nearby stations.

Taking a local train or super-tram between the main rail stations, also known as the Hauptbahnhof, and the stadiums will be made as simple as possible, with increased frequencies, dedicated routes, later services, and so on.

Match ticket holders in all ten host cities will be able to get free public transportation cards that will be valid for 36 hours, allowing them to travel to and from the stadiums for free, as well as a free excursion to another site.

Car parking will be unavailable at the stadiums in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Leipzig.

The match schedule appears to have been designed in such a way that many of the clubs' supporters will not have to travel vast distances.

Euro 2024 Train Travel

  • Euro 2024 Train Travel Advisory:

Train transport in Germany is now administered by the national rail operator DB, which is an official partner of Euro 2024.

As a result, DB has implemented several unique steps to facilitate rail travel to Euro 2024:

Those with match tickets may also buy special reduced long-distance rail tickets for €29.90 in 2nd class and €39.90 in first class, regardless of distance! See the instructions below on how to discover them.

When searching for a route on the DB website, the public transportation stations at each stadium are now simpler to locate.

Up to 14 more trains will be available each day, the majority of which will make it simpler to travel overnight after the game to the next city on each team's itinerary.

More seats will be available on existing services, and many trains' lengths will be increased.

The substantial rehabilitation work on the German rail network will not take place during the event.

Euro 2024 Train Travel

Some must-know information is that the type of train you will take matters in Germany since it influences not only the traveling experience but also the way tickets may be utilized.

There are five types of train services in Germany that are important to Euro 2024:

  • The Iconic ICE Trains:

ICE trains often, although not always, move at speeds more than 250 km/h on high-speed lines.

It's good to know about these trains

They have onboard restaurant cars that all ticket holders may enjoy.

In first class, there is a non-complimentary at-seat food service; for example, you may have a stein of beer served to your seat.

Discounted tickets are now on sale; DB Ticket Euro 2024 tickets are available for use on ICE trains.

Seat reservations are available, but not required.

  • The IC Trains:

Intercity (IC) trains are long-distance express trains that do not operate on high-speed lines.

It's good to know about these trains:

The newer and more popular Intercity 2 trains only have catering carts, hence there are no on-board pubs or restaurants.

Discounted tickets are now on sale; DB Ticket Euro 2024 tickets are also available for IC trains.

Seat reservations are available, but not required.

  • The Regio Trains:

Regio trains travel between the following Euro 2024 host cities:

Cologne to Dusseldorf

Cologne to Dortmund

Dusseldorf to Gelsenkirchen

Dusseldorf to Dortmund

Dortmund to Gelsenkirchen

Regio trains also call at the airport terminals in Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt (Main), and Leipzig, as well as the rail stations nearest to the stadiums in Dortmund and Frankfurt.

It's good to know about these trains:

The 'RE' services are quicker than the 'RB' services since they stop at fewer stations. These trains are not managed by the national rail operator DB and may have distinct color schemes and branding, but this does not impact how tickets may be used.

No onboard catering or seat reservations;

Tickets are not discounted, thus it doesn't matter if they can't be booked online.

If you buy a ticket at the station last minute and do not pay an additional fee to travel by the IC or ICE trains, you will only be allowed to use the Regio and S-Bahn trains.

  • The S-Bahn Trains:

It's good to know about these trains:

They call at all stations on their itineraries and are slower than Regio trains.

The ticketing system is the same as on Regio trains.

In bigger cities like as Berlin, Frankfurt (Main), Hamburg, Munich, and Stuttgart, these are local/commuter rail services, akin to London's Overground and Paris's RER. S-Bahn services connect Berlin, Frankfurt (Main), Hamburg, and Stuttgart stadiums to their respective city centers.

In locations where cities are near together, they go between them, however they are slower than Regio trains since they do not skip stations.

S-Bahn trains travel between the following Euro 2024 host cities:

Cologne to Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf to Gelsenkirchen

Dusseldorf to Dortmund

Dortmund to Gelsenkirchen

  • The U-Bahn Trains:

U-Bahn services, which are local train services administered by the cities or areas they serve, are classified into two types:

Fast tram services, which can use tunnels to reach city centers and frequently run on rails rather than roadways when they come closer to stadiums.

Subway-style trains, as seen in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt (Main), and Munich; in these cities, trams are distinct from U-Bahn services.

U-Bahn services connect Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Gelsenkirchen, and Munich stadiums to their respective city centers. 

Euro 2024 Train Travel

  • To and From Germany Euro 2024 By Trains:

In summary, direct train routes are provided between each participating nation and the host cities of Euro 2024.

Berlin connects Amsterdam, Basel, Bratislava, Budapest, Copenhagen, Innsbruck, Prague, Paris, and Vienna.
Cologne connects Amsterdam, Basel, Brussels, Innsbruck, Paris, Salzburg, and Vienna.

Dortmund to Basel, Paris, and Vienna.

Dusseldorf connects Amsterdam, Basel, Paris, Salzburg, and Vienna.

Frankfurt (Main) connects Amsterdam, Brussels, Basel, Innsbruck, Lyon, Marseille, Milan, Paris, Salzburg, Vienna, and Zurich.

Hamburg connects Basel, Bratislava, Budapest, Copenhagen, Innsbruck, Prague, and Vienna.

Munich ↔ Amsterdam, Budapest, Florence, Innsbruck, Ljubljana, Milan, Paris, Prague, Salzburg, Venice, Verona, Vienna, Zagreb, and Zurich.

Stuttgart to Budapest, Innsbruck, Ljubljana, Paris, Salzburg, Venice, Vienna, Zagreb, and Zurich.

Euro 2024 Train Travel 


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