I Resort Mud Bath Nha Trang

You may relax and enjoy body immersion service premium mud at the I-resort hot mineral springs and ponder life in traditional or modern architecture, a meditation place mixed with nature defined by a rural Vietnamese hamlet. In a conclusion, I-resort Nha Trang is the best choice for your perfect holiday in Nha Trang Vietnam.

I Resort Mud Bath Nha Trang Directions & Information:

Coverage over 2 hectares, I Resort Mud Bath Nha Trang is one of the most beautiful mud baths in Nha Trang with nearly 3000 people coming daily in the peak season. It is located near the railway and takes only 7 kilometers from the city center.

A towel, swimwear water, and a locker are provided free of charge after purchasing a ticket. Men and women have separate areas,  the mudbath area can accommodate 500 people at once and has a warm mineral-water shower at the end of the changing room to get you ready for the next step. The mud tubs are placed under the large trees in the garden.

You will soak in warm mud for 20 minutes. You are stimulated on the skin after bathing in the mud because of its high mineral content and trace minerals, notably bromine. Natural cosmetics such as mineral mud are valued for their ability to properly cleanse and revitalize the skin, leaving it smoother and finer. The hydrotherapy cave and fountain still exist in the mudbath area to assist you to rest your body. After bathing in the mud, guests may cool down in nine mineral waterfalls.

I Resort Mud Bath Nha Trang

Things To Do In I Resort Mud Bath Nha Trang:

It's time to get to the mineral pool after soaking in warm mud. You may pick between two adult-only pools with jacuzzis and three children-only pools with varying depths and sizes to suit your needs. Especially for those who do not wish to swim, there is a large soaking pool. Moreover, these waterfalls and bamboo tips assist to relax, and all tiredness will go after a few minutes of soaking in this environment.

Services from I-resort have shown to be beneficial in the field of health care at present. There is also a full-service option for those who prefer mud baths, mineral soaks with herbs, massage, and fruit in a secluded setting with nature where you can spend quality time with your loved ones and friends. Excellent service package will leave you delighted.

I Resort Mud Bath Nha Trang

Basic Price At I Resort Mud Bath Nha Trang:

01 - 02 Guests/tub 350.000đ/Adult
04 - 05 Guests/tub 300.000đ/Adult
From 06 to over Guests/tub 260.000đ/Adult
Children (height less than 1m) 150.000đ/Adult


  • Clean bath, outdoor soaking mud, mud remove under the high-pressure spray, hot mineral soaking, and massage body under the hot mineral waterfall.
  • Using mineral water systems massage by the jet system. Relax and massage the soles on the fountain. Using other services of hot mineral springs.

List of service packages:

I Resort Mud Bath Nha Trang

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