Galina Lake View Nha Trang

Galina Lake View Nha Trang eco-tourism area is approximately 20 minutes away from the city center, making it a must-see location for everyone visiting the lovely coastal city of Nha Trang. There is a clear and fresh Galina Lake where you can immerse yourself in nature, unleash your fishing talents, and participate in a variety of recreational activities as well as enjoy your self-cooked foods at Galina Lake View Nha Trang BBQ spots, which promises to bring an amazing and memorable experience with your friends and relatives.

Galina Lake View Nha Trang Directions & Information:

New tourist attraction Galina Lake View has opened publicly on February 1. In Phuoc Dong Ward, about 10 kilometers south of Nha Trang City, is located at Kenh Ha Lake, which is the site of the attraction.

From Nha Trang city center, you run south through Binh Tan bridge ==> go straight on Nguyen Tat Thanh street ==> to the intersection with DT.657 street ==> turn right onto DT.657 = => to Runabout 1km, meet the junction with a sign to enter Kenh Ha Lake, you turn on that road and go straight to the lake.

Galina Lake View Nha Trang

Things To Do In Galina Lake View Nha Trang: 

Galina Lake View is truly an eco-tourism area. The boat is lying on the empty wharf, in the distance is the grass floating on the lake, the other side is the green mountain from time immemorial. A few young tourists are riding ducks walking on the lake surface and marking the landscape painting more vitality.

However, this place has no shortage of poetic highlights for young people who like to retain youthful moments. The flower boats are reminiscent of the rivers of the Southwest region every year from Tet to Spring. The love heart is made of thousands of flowers that stand out in the middle of the clear blue lake. Sun wheel with colorful flowers.

Fishing, boat rowing, and duck pedaling are among the activities available at Galina Lake View.

Galina Lake View Nha Trang

From February 1, the entrance ticket price to Galina Lake View will be: 50,000 VND/adult & 25,000 VND /child

  • Swan Duck Pedalling: 100,000 VND / 45 minutes.
  • Rowing: 80,000 VND/45 minutes.
  • Canoe: 250,000 VND / 1 round the lake
  • Life-buoy: 100,000 VND / 1 hour
  • Fishing to take away (catfish, pomfret...) 139,000 VND/kg
  • Other fish (pangasius, trout…) 250,000 VND/kg
  • Fishing entrance fee: 70,000 VND
  • Bamboo fishing rod: 50,000 VND
  • Fishing rod and bait 80,000 VND.

Galina Lake View Nha Trang

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