Lien Khuong Airport Da Lat

Lien Khuong Airport Da Lat. Lien Khuong Airport is sometimes called Da Lat Airport. This is one of three well-known big airports in the Central Highlands area, and it is no longer unfamiliar to Vietnamese youth and international visitors. The establishment of Lien Khuong Airport has made significant contributions to the transportation of people and cargo, as well as the economic, cultural, social, and tourism growth of our country and province in general.

Lien Khuong Airport Da Lat Directions & Information:

Lien Khuong Airport serves flights that bring local and international tourists to Da Lat City and Lam Dong Province. The following is general information about this famous airport:

Full name: Lien Khuong Airport

Airport address: Lien Nghia Town, Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province

Country code: 84

Airport Code: DLI

Phone: 0263 3843 373

Time GMT: 7

Number of stations: 1

Distance from Lien Khuong International Airport to Da Lat city center: 28km

Currently, Lien Khuong Airport can service 2.5 - 3 million people per year. The airport is now utilizing flights to and from ten provinces and cities. In addition, Lien Khuong Airport is regarded as having one of Vietnam's most distinctive architectural designs. It is known that the airport design was inspired by the picture of the yellow wildflower, which represents the land of thousands of blooms.

Lien Khuong Airport Da Lat

Infrastructure at the Lien Khuong International Airport:

It is stated that Lien Khuong Airport was developed and built to match international standards at a cost of more than 260 billion VND and began operations at the end of December 2009. Ready to connect this tourist hub to the country's booming regions and cities, as well as Southeast and Northeast Asian locations. Lien Khuong International Airport's physical infrastructure includes the following:

Airstrip: The airport has invested in and developed a 3,250m-length, 45m-wide airstrip with two taxiways of 2,404mx37m and 94mx19m.

The Lien Khuong International Airport's aircraft apron spans 23,100 square meters and can handle up to 5 aircraft simultaneously. This apron can accommodate all small aircraft, such as the ATR72, and medium-range aircraft such as the A320, A321, or comparable.

The passenger terminal at Lien Khuong Airport is meant to resemble a yellow wildflower from the Lam Dong plateau and spans 12,400m2. The roof is constructed in yellow, so when viewed from above, the station resembles a huge flower. The passenger terminal has two storeys and is outfitted with contemporary equipment and innovative aviation technology, It is guaranteed to be able to serve more than 800 passengers during peak hours.

The ground floor serves as the foyer for both local and foreign guests. These include luggage checkpoints, technical rooms, baggage carousels and waiting spaces, bathrooms, and eateries.
The second floor houses the check-in counter and luggage check. There are additionally four waiting rooms.

Proposal for upgrading Lien Khuong Airport to an international scale:

The People's Committee of Lam Dong province has recently issued a document requesting that the Ministry of Transport consider and approve an investment policy to upgrade Lien Khuong Airport from a 4D domestic airport to a fully equipped 4E international airport. The plan includes a system of runways, taxiways, aprons, and advanced and modern road support equipment systems to accommodate large-body aircraft such as the Airbus A380, Boeing 787, and others through a public-private partnership.

By 2030, the design capacity is 5,000,000 passengers/year, which includes creating a second international terminal and upgrading runways, taxiways, aprons, and equipment systems on a land area of about 340.84 hectares (based on the current land area). Total investment is about 4,328 billion VND. 100% of investors have raised investment cash; implementation will take place between 2023 and 2026.

Lien Khuong Airport Da Lat

On December 3, the Board of Directors of Lien Khuong Airport (Lam Dong) announced that several flights from Thailand, Malaysia, and Korea will resume from the beginning of December 2022, following a long period of suspension due to the pandemic.

The resumption of international flights to and from Lien Khuong Airport before the Dalat Flower Festival is intended to draw visitors and foreign businesspeople to Da Lat and Lam Dong, therefore enhancing Da Lat tourism. At the same time, it serves the needs of visitors to Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Lien Khuong Airport Da Lat

National Airport Master Plan: Opening doors to new civil airports:

The Vietnam Aviation Administration has just issued a report to the Ministry of Transport on the outcomes of analyzing and finalizing the Master Plan for the development of the national airport and airport system from 2021 to 2030, with a vision to 2050.

Certain aviation infrastructure projects are prioritized for funding.

- Investment in the development, expansion, and upgrading of key international airports, including Long Thanh Phase I, Tan Son Nhat T3 Station, Noi Bai T2 Station enlargement, Runway No. 3, and Noi Bai T3.

- Invest in the expansion and construction of new airports in rural, mountainous, and island locations such as Dien Bien, Sa Pa, Pleiku, and Con Dao.

- Investing in airport building and expansion to safeguard national defense and security in Tho Xuan and Phan Thiet.

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Lien Khuong Airport Da Lat

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