Vietnam House Restaurant

Vietnam House Restaurant. Discover the vivid tastes of Vietnamese food with our carefully designed set lunch menu at Vietnam House Restaurant. Choose from a variety of exquisite foods, including classics and innovations from our chefs. Each meal is skillfully prepared using the freshest local ingredients, providing a flavor of Vietnamese culinary tradition.

Vietnam House Restaurant:


93-95-97 Dong Khoi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: 84 28 3822 2226

The freshly rebuilt Vietnam House Restaurant, led by globally renowned Chef Luke Nguyen, will open on July 24 and is expected to become a culinary monument in Ho Chi Minh City. With his first restaurant in Vietnam, the award-winning Vietnamese-Australian chef has the ideal setting to provide classic Vietnamese dishes as well as a modern twist on traditional local cuisine.

The cuisine at Vietnam House Restaurant spans the country from north to south, drawing on Chef Luke's knowledge and experience gathered throughout his travels across Vietnam. "This has been a dream of mine for a long time," he said. "To bring together the strands of my heritage, my journey of discovery in Vietnam, and my career in the food industry makes this place something very special."

Vietnam House Restaurant

Open for lunch and supper, Vietnam House's trademark tastes focus on high-quality, fresh food that is tastefully cooked and served. Chef Luke and his culinary staff purchase goods from local markets daily to guarantee that the kitchen only uses the freshest available. There is also an extensive wine list with over 500 bottles, including award-winning brands from vineyards across the world.

This is also the first restaurant where Luke Nguyen takes on the role of executive chef in Vietnam, where the skilled and well-known Australian-Vietnamese chef showcases his skills by serving guests a variety of delectable classic Vietnamese cuisine. with new adaptations that reflect worldwide culinary trends.

Vietnamese-Australian celebrity chef Luke Nguyen has built an incredible brand based on his numerous great culinary exploits.

Vietnam House Restaurant

Vietnam House Restaurant was renovated from a historic structure with colonial architecture on the corner of Dong Khoi and Mac Thi Buoi streets. This used to be the famed restaurant L'Imperial, which was visited by rich businesspeople in the early 1900s. The restaurant provides guests with fully unique gastronomic experiences that are both appealing and refined. Located on a street corner with historical markers, it evokes pleasant recollections of the past.

The menu of Vietnam House Restaurant features wonderful traditional cuisine from all areas, from north to south. The restaurant, which serves lunch and supper, impresses with a menu that includes some of the country's most well-known and popular dishes.

Every day, Chef Luke Nguyen and his team aim to identify fresh local food sources and pick the best quality, freshest ingredients mixed with innovative culinary techniques. to keep and improve the flavor of each ingredient and spice in each meal. Furthermore, the restaurant's choice of more than 500 outstanding wines from throughout the world adds to its appeal.

Vietnam House Restaurant

Luke Nguyen explains, "They are classic tastes with contemporary twists. For example, sesame pan-fried salmon rice rolls with green mango and caviar, braised beef with refried beans and truffle mushrooms, banh xeo with Alaskan king crab and Iberico black pork, and Banh Dap, a Central Vietnamese meal. Two layers of rice flour cake are served with a crispy layer of grilled rice paper. The cake must be broken and eaten with fish sauce, thus the name Banh Dap. Banh Dap offers a fresh flavor with Iberico beef, shrimp, and rice crostini with green beans...

Vietnam House Restaurant's specialties include Iberico pork spring rolls and green mango salad with soft shell crab. Main meals include five-spice grilled pigeon, braised Australian beef, premium Wagyu beef pho, and extremely tasty desserts. Attractive delicacies include Burnt Pandan Cream and Vietnam House Tofu... In addition, the two-course "Executive Set Lunch" menu is presented for 280,000 VND, while three meals cost 380,000 VND.

Vietnam House Restaurant

With several remarkable triumphs in the culinary arena, Vietnamese-Australian celebrity chef Luke Nguyen has built an extraordinarily stunning brand for himself on his career path. At the age of 23, he accomplished his ambition by opening his restaurant, Red Lantern, which was well-received in 2002. Luke Nguyen is also the founder and consultant for the Fat Noodle restaurant chain. specializes in famous Asian noodle and pho meals at The Star casino in Pyrmont, Sydney, and Brisbane, Australia.

Luke Nguyen is not only passionate about professional cooking, but he also enjoys exporting food throughout the world. He is the author of seven best-selling culinary novels, including Secrets of the Red Lantern, The Songs of Sapa, Indochine, Luke Nguyen's Greater Mekong, Food of Vietnam, Luke's Food of France, and Street Food Asia, all of which have won several accolades.

Luke Nguyen was recently inducted into the renowned Food Hall of Fame for his well-known gourmet television series, which are broadcast in over 150 countries, including Luke Nguyen's Vietnam, Luke Nguyen's Greater Mekong, Luke Nguyen's France, and Luke Nguyen's UK.

Luke Nguyen is also one of the three judges on Master Chef Vietnam seasons 1 and 2, and he appeared as a special guest on Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape: Master Chef Australia.

Luke Nguyen Vietnam House Restaurant

Mr. Kai Speth, Deputy General Director in charge of Operations and Business Efficiency of WMC Group, commented on the return of Vietnam House restaurant under the leadership of star chef Luke Nguyen, saying: "With the opening of Vietnam House, WMC Group and Chef Luke Nguyen have meticulously created unique experiences for Vietnamese cuisine, bringing Ho Chi Minh City's attractive position to a new level for discerning guests and tourists alike. Come to Vietnam from all around the world."

Vietnam House Restaurant

Address: 93-97 Dong Khoi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: (028) 3822 2226

Opening hours: 11:00 – 23:00

Vietnam House Restaurant

Hotline/ WhatsApp: +847-6666-0606



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