Kong Forest Nha Trang

Kong Forest Nha Trang:

Kong Forest Nha Trang will not only keep you stunned with its scenic beauty, but also with its interesting games. When visiting Nha Trang, you may visit Kong Forest Nha Trang to observe the beauty of the "tropical forest" with a quiet and lyrical landscape and explore the gorgeous sea and islands. Adventure games and difficult outdoor activities will also provide guests with a variety of exciting experiences.

  • The History of Kong Forest Nha Trang:

If you have been to Hon Ba Nha Trang, you will definitely be introduced to Kong Forest - the ideal tropical park for those who love ecotourism. This Nha Trang tourist destination is located in Hon Ba, in the territory of Suoi Cat commune, Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province.

Kong Forest Nha Trang is Vietnam's largest forest adventure tourism attraction. As a result, this is a fantastic place for individuals seeking adventure and exploration. Kong Forest is compared to a little "tropical forest" since it has a tropical forest environment and fresh streams, providing visitors with a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Kong Forest Nha Trang

  • The beauty of Kong Forest and Zipline Activity:

Furthermore, Kong Forest is located at an elevation of 1,578m above sea level, directly on Hon Ba mountain, therefore the air here is quite pure and cold. You will enjoy the panoramic splendor, the flying clouds, and the attractive panorama that "fascinates" people from above.

Visitors are particularly captivated by the rich greenery of Kong Forest Nha Trang. When you arrive here, you will be amazed by the beauty of the trees, flowers, nature's aroma, heaven, and earth... Nature's calm always leaves people feeling lighter and more relaxed than they were before.

The game Zipline - the voyage to explore nature in the forest with the largest Zipline in Vietnam - begins in Kong Forest Nha Trang. For first-time visitors, there may be apprehension; nevertheless, you can relax because the zipline system here is incredibly well-designed and constructed. Protective equipment is also fully installed, assuring guests' maximum safety while enjoying.

Kong Forest Nha Trang

When you ride the cable car, you feel like you're flying through the forest, taking in the grandeur of Hon Ba Island and the lyrical nature of the tropical forest. When visiting here, you will undoubtedly be astonished by the check-in images taken while riding the zipline.

Aside from the zipline game, driving an ATV is another exciting activity not to be missed when visiting Kong Forest Nha Trang. You will be traveling on uneven roads, wading through creeks and wetlands, and so on. Many groups of friends and family choose this activity to have fun and connect with one another. When traveling in off-road vehicles through dense forests, you may also maintain your own "exquisite" images.

Kong Forest Nha Trang




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