Elephant Waterfall In Dalat

Elephant Waterfall In Dalat:

Elephant Waterfall is the third biggest waterfall in Lam Dong Province, located in Nam Ban Town, Lam Ha District, 25 kilometers south of Da Lat City, and is one of the most well-known attractions along the rural road. Elephant waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in the Central Highlands, standing 30 meters high and 15 meters broad. From a distance, the waterfall appears to be a white silk strip, magnificent and gorgeous.

Elephant Waterfall In Dalat

  • The Legend of Elephant Waterfall In Dalat:

According to the ancients, long ago, a village head of Jo Bien had a beautiful daughter. Every time she sings, flowers bloom, forest leaves stop rustling, and birds stop singing to hear her voice. She fell in love with the head's son of the next village. He is handsome, intelligent, alert, and courageous to sacrifice for a great cause. They fell in love and vowed to get married. But then one day the young man had to go and kill the enemy to protect the village. But then many years passed without seeing him return.

She painfully finds a deserted mountain where they once dated. She sang earnestly, sadly, in the hope that he would hear it and return to the old place. Then the birds wanted to be touched by her sincerity. They flew in all directions, looking for news of him. Then tell her that he died in battle and will never come back. In great agony, she still sang until she collapsed from exhaustion and could never get up again.

Herds of forest elephants who have heard her sing for a long time have also turned into silent stones. One day, an enormous explosion shook the heavens and the earth, the deserted mountain split in two, breaking horizontally into a large waterfall with white water flowing down a corner of the sky. To commemorate this sad story, the indigenous people of K'Ho have named the waterfall Lieng Rowoa Joi Bien - The waterfall of elephants petrified before their love.

Elephant Waterfall In Dalat

How to go to DaLat Elephant Waterfall?

  • From the center of Da Lat city, moving to the Elephant waterfall tourist area is relatively easy. Your journey is about 25 km long. But mostly, the roads are flat, not rough at all. First, from Lam Vien square, you drive to Hoang Van Thu street.
  • Going all the way through this road will enter Cam Ly.
  • From here, you continue to move along the main road.
  • Go to an intersection between Cam Ly and DT725.
  • You go left on DT725 and drive about 20km towards Gia Lam, Lam Ha.
  • Through Lam Ha market, you continue to go back 3 km. At the Gia Lam intersection, you turn right.
  • Go 50 meters and look to the left.
  • You will come to the Elephant Waterfall tourist area.
  • It would help if you asked the people around for directions, rest assured that the locals here are very hospitable and friendly.
  • They will enthusiastically show you the way.

Elephant Waterfall In Dalat


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