Nha Trang Square

Located in the city's heart, Nha Trang Square is named after the independence day of Nha Trang, a seaside city. There is a cultural center and the Tram Huong Nha Trang tower just next to 2/4 Square in Nha Trang. Everyone in the city knows about this spot, where the elderly and children come to exercise early in the morning, and where locals and visitors congregate when they come to the city to see it.

Nha Trang Square Directions & Information:

Nha Trang Square is located opposite the cultural center and Nha Trang Tram Huong tower. It can be said that any Nha Trang people or tourists when it comes to the square, no one is unknown. This square every morning is a place where the elderly and children come to exercise in the early morning, a meeting place for locals and tourists when coming here.

Near Tran Phu Street and Nha Trang's busiest highways, 2/4 Square is a popular destination for families, groups of friends, couples, and a significant number of visitors.

You may rent roller skates, self-balancing scooters, or find fascinating light toys from vendors nearby, as well as numerous food courts.

It is also possible to rest and relax at night on the soft beach on the east side of the square in the fresh sea breeze while listening to the waves crashing in front of you.

Nha Trang Square

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