Ha Giang Loop Vietnam Travel Guide

Ha Giang Loop Vietnam Travel Guide. The Ha Giang loop is a circular path in Vietnam's extreme north, bordering China, that is best experienced on two wheels. You will travel through breathtaking countryside, surrounded by massive mountains, majestic rivers, and lovely rice terraces. The Ha Giang area just has it all.

Ha Giang Loop Vietnam Travel Guide:

Address: Ha Giang City, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam

In this comprehensive travel guide, we cover all you need to know about the Ha Giang Loop, including motorcycle rental suggestions, lodging recommendations, and all of the crucial travel guidelines for a safe motorcycling experience. Please be aware that this is a comprehensive Ha Giang Loop tour. 

The Ha Giang Loop is a motorbike road tour across Northern Vietnam's most isolated districts.  If you're seeking adventure in Vietnam, LISTEN UP because taking a self-guided tour of the Ha Giang Loop is about as adventurous as it gets. The Ha Giang Loop will take you from the city center to the Vietnam-China border and back!  Along the route, you'll see stunning rivers, lush jungles, high mountain passes, secluded settlements, and so much more.

The Ha Giang loop is a breathtaking excursion across Northern Vietnam's lonely and mountainous regions. This classic motorcycle route provides an amazing drive via gorgeous mountain passes, bustling ethnic settlements, and breathtaking natural scenery.

The journey to Ha Giang is an experience in and of itself. To undertake the six-hour trek to Ha Giang, you must first hire a bus from Hanoi. We utilized Baolau to reserve a limousine bus. This six-hour journey includes a pit stop at the midway point for facilities and snacks. Just a heads up: it's a curvy road, so bring some Dramamine.

Ha Giang Loop Vietnam Travel Guide

When is a good time to travel to Ha Giang Loop Vietnam?

While you may ride the Ha Giang Circle at any time of year, I recommend visiting between December and April. This is called the dry season, and you will undoubtedly desire dry weather on the routes you will be traveling. Having said that, the loop passes through a fairly hilly location, so the weather may be unpredictable at any time of year. We completed it in January and had rain on three of the five days.

However, I feel we simply had terrible luck because the weather for the week preceding and after our vacation was beautiful. This simply implies that you should hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

The optimum time to complete the Ha Giang loop motorbike trip is between late September and November. Tourists visiting Ha Giang during this time of year may view the golden rice terraces.

The weather begins to become cold in December, yet you may still enjoy the Ha Giang loop's foggy valleys, gorgeous winter greenery, and tranquil mood.

You may also do the Ha Giang circle between January and March when the town is dry and receives little rain. You may enjoy the joyful mood of the Lunar New Year during this time of year.

Ha Giang Loop Vietnam Travel Guide

Top Highlights in the Picturesque Ha Giang Loop Vietnam:

Ha Giang is known for its breathtaking natural settings, making it a must-see trip. To fully see this vast region, guests can go on a motorbike excursion known as the Ha Giang loop. This gorgeous journey takes you through the intriguing mountainous region between Ha Giang and the Chinese border, where you'll see spectacular karst formations, lovely rice terraces, and meandering river valleys.

  • Lung Cu Flag Tower:

The Lung Cu Flag Tower, located atop Lung Cu Peak, proudly reflects Vietnam's unity and perseverance while also providing spectacular panoramic views and signifying the country's sovereignty. On your Ha Giang loop trip, you must stop here to have a better grasp of Vietnam's history and culture.

  • Dong Van Plateau:

Dong Van Old Quarter entices visitors with its alluring beauty, where the past and current blend perfectly. This area, founded in the early twentieth century, originally contained a small number of families from the H'mong, Tay, and Chinese groups. As time passed, it attracted people from many origins, adding layers of depth to the dynamic local tapestry.

Among the several marketplaces in Ha Giang, Dong Van Market stands out as a must-see for visitors on their Ha Giang Loop Tour. It is regarded as one of the greatest marketplaces in the region and provides a vivid spectacle, with innumerable ethnic persons dressed in spectacular traditional clothing, creating a kaleidoscope of colors and cultural variety.

  • Ma Pi Leng Pass:

The majestic Ma Pi Leng Pass is a breathtaking mountain pass that puts tourists in awe. Celebrated for its spectacular beauty, it is widely considered one of Southeast Asia's most gorgeous passes, cementing its place as one of Vietnam's most impressive mountain routes. Don't forget to include this landmark on your Ha Giang circular itinerary.

  • Nho Que Pass:

The majestic Ma Pi Leng Pass is a breathtaking mountain pass that puts tourists in awe. Celebrated for its spectacular beauty, it is widely considered one of Southeast Asia's most gorgeous passes, cementing its place as one of Vietnam's most impressive mountain routes. Don't forget to include this landmark on your Ha Giang circular itinerary.

  • Meo Vac Market And Mau Due Commune:

Meo Vac Market is well-known as Ha Giang's largest ethnic market and one of Vietnam's most outstanding markets. This crowded market, which opens early in the morning, has a large indoor part dedicated to a wide variety of fresh vegetables, as well as tiny stalls sprinkled throughout.

The beautiful path from Meo Vac to Du Gia, which follows Mau Due, is nothing short of stunning. This route, comparable in magnificence to the well-known Ma Pi Leng Pass, snakes through the highlands, displaying a multitude of ethnic minority communities along the way. 

Traveling from Meo Vac to Du Gia takes you through Mau Due Commune, which reveals one of the most breathtaking scenery in the Ha Giang circle. This original and off-the-beaten-path route meanders through stunning mountains and gorgeous rice fields, imbuing Mau Due Commune with a unique and unequaled attraction.

  • Quan Ba Pass and Twin Mountains:

A journey to Ha Giang isn't complete unless you've conquered the breathtaking Quan Ba Pass. At the magnificent Quan Ba Heaven Gate, you'll feel as if you're touching the sky, and the Twin Mountains are breathtaking. The Twin Mountains, which resemble two cherries and are located around 40 kilometers from Ha Giang, are a wonderful natural masterpiece.

Ha Giang Loop Vietnam Travel Guide

  • Visit Lung Khuy Cave:

The fascinating Lung Khuy Cave, called after its interesting dragon-shaped rock structure and located in Lung Khuy Village, Quan Ba District, was founded in early 2015. On your Ha Giang loop trip, the journey to this cave is already an unforgettable experience. When you enter the cave, you will be welcomed with a magnificent display of stalagmites and stalactites, creating a spectacular spectacle.

  • Tham Ma Pass:

The drive from Yen Minh to Sa Phin takes you across the breathtaking Tham Ma Pass, a hilly road located inside the prestigious UNESCO-designated Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark. Ascending the twisting route, you will arrive at a small parking spot where you may take magnificent shots of this breathtaking pass.

  • Sung La Valley:

As you continue your journey from Tham Ma Pass, you will arrive at the picturesque Sung La Valley, which is known as the most spectacular highland commune on the Dong Van Plateau. Especially during the flower season, the valley changes into a stunning kaleidoscope of brilliant colors. 

  • H'Mong King Palace:

The H'Mong King Palace in Sa Phin, which once housed the monarchs of the Vuong Dynasty, is now a prominent landmark along the Ha Giang loop. This enthralling stop provides an intriguing glimpse into the history of Ha Giang and the H'mong ethnic group, who previously ruled over the province.

  • Sa Phin Market:

Sa Phin Market is a six-day regular festival that features a lively display of many ethnic minorities dressed in traditional clothing. Villagers from the surrounding areas assemble at this crowded market to conduct vibrant commerce. With baskets on their backs, they sell and buy a variety of commodities, including agricultural tools, food, home items, and other necessities to maintain their families until the next market day.

Ha Giang Loop packing list: Motorcycle riding gear and baggage:

A backpacking trip around the Ha Giang loop immerses you in the natural grandeur of Vietnam's northern highlands. Here is a list of important stuff to carry along on the Vietnam Ha Giang loop.

Helmet: For safety, aim for a full-face helmet, although open-face helmets are more common. Opt for one with a pull-down full-face visor for more protection. Make sure the helmet is well-fitting with secure straps.

Footwear: Wear sturdy hiking boots or high-quality sports shoes. Avoid flip-flops, as they are unsafe for the Ha Giang loop. Proper riding boots are the best choice if available.

Jacket: Ideally, invest in a dedicated riding jacket, but they might be hard to find and expensive for a short trip. Keep in mind that the temperature in Ha Giang can drop significantly. For warmer months, a lightweight and breathable jacket will suffice.

Trousers: Opt for comfortable hiking trousers with ample pockets to protect your legs on the Ha Giang loop. In colder months, consider getting thin thermal trousers or leggings for added warmth.

Gloves: Depending on the time of year, you may need thick, warm, and waterproof gloves or lightweight riding gloves. Carrying both types is a good practice.

Pads: If you choose to ride in shorts and t-shirts, opt for arm and knee pads for additional protection. They absorb impact and provide a safer option when riding without full-body armor.

Waterproofs: Regardless of the season, waterproof gear is a must. Choose between a cheap throw-over poncho or a zip-up jacket with separate trousers. A proper set will act as a wind barrier and keep you warm on cold days. In the summer months, a throw-over option may be more suitable to avoid excessive sweating.

Ha Giang Loop Vietnam Travel Guide

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