Pancake Squid Nha Trang is one of the delicacies you need to try when you're in this city.
But not many in Nha Trang know where do they find the place to sell delicious calamari pancakes.
Don't worry, let us show you where you can find places to which you can refer.

The only thing about Nha Trang pancakes is the fresh squid. Perfect pancakes cannot be made by every squid; only fresh squid can do so.
In the lunar calendar, night-time fishermen catch squid between February and August each year, while fresh squid loads return to the main country in the morning. Choose medium-sized squid delicacies, no more than two large then washes.

The pancakes here include both squid and shrimp. As with other places, the shrimp in Nha Trang pancakes are large, firm, sweet, and fragrant. The flavors of squid and shrimp complement each other, resulting in a very typical coastal city pancake. Another distinguishing feature is that Nha Trang pancakes do not contain any meat. Many travel enthusiasts were surprised to learn about this intriguing feature, so when they visit Nha Trang, they must try it out right away to satisfy their curiosity.

Nha Trang Squid Pancakes Selected List:

Nha Trang Squid Pancake

One of the Vietnamese delicacies is Pancakes. It's a pretty cheap cake, very popular among people. Pancakes can be said to exist from Da Nang to southern Vietnam all over the provinces. Now it has become a well-known food that has won foreign tourists' hearts. Pure rice flour mixed with coconut milk and turmeric powders is the main ingredient for producing pancakes.

There are also pork, shrimp, bean sprouts, steamed green beans. The accompanying vegetables include lettuce, mustard greens, herbs. The dipping sauce is mixed with delicious fish sauce, crushed garlic chili, lemon, white sand sugar, monosodium glutamate with pickles, radish, chopped carrots, and vinegar. The cakes are coated in a deep pan placed on a charcoal stove.

People coated with flour dough poured into a hot pan with cooking oil (or grease), quickly spread the dough so that the outside is thin and thick. Arrange thinly sliced ​​boiled pork, shrimp, or silver cloves, mung beans clean, and cook the steaming and sprouting on top. When the cake is crispy, fold the cake in half and scoop it out onto a plate. Each plate has three or four pieces. A plate of fresh, crispy yellow pancakes placed on the table with a dish of fresh vegetables and a cup of bright red chili sauce looks extremely attractive.

The way of eating pancakes of the Nha Trang people clearly shows the natural and liberal manner. Use a hand to tear a piece of hot pancakes and place them on mustard leaves, add raw vegetables, roll tightly, and then dip fish sauce mixed with a sour, spicy, salty, and sweet taste; a few more carrots, radishes. The special thing about pancakes is that the more people eating is happier.

  • "Banh Xeo Chao" at 85 To Hien Thanh street
  • "Banh Xeo Co Tam" at 66 Thap Ba street
  • "Banh Xeo Huong" at 81 Hoang Van Thu street
  • "Banh Xeo" at 31 Ngo Duc Ke street
  • "Banh Xeo" at 52 Le Loi street
  • "Banh Xeo Hai San" at 97 Hoang Dieu street

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