O Loan Lagoon In Phu Yen

O Loan Lagoon In Phu Yen:

O Loan Lagoon is located along National Highway No. 1, under Quan Cau pass, about 25 kilometers north of Tuy Hoa city. This is a brackish water lagoon with a natural area of approximately 1,570 hectares that borders the Tuy An district communes of An Cu, An Hoa, An Hai, An Hiep, and An Ninh Dong. Dong Chay Mountain, Cam Mountain, and An Hai Sandbank surround the lagoon, with a cannel running through the sea to the north. Looking down from Quan Cau pass, O Loan lagoon resembles a phoenix extending its wings. The magnificent blend of mountains and water is what makes O Loan Lagoon so beautiful.

  • The History of O Loan Lagoon In Phu Yen:

This location is also related to the tale "Cao Bien Up Mountain" and a natural sand dune that locals refer to as "Cao Bien's burial." The most well-known legend, however, is that of a fairy called Loan. According to legend, in the past, there was a fairy of great beauty who, because of her fun and mischievous character, rode O Thuoc bird to soar down to earth and roam everywhere. The O Thuoc birds were tired when they arrived in Tuy An land, so they landed here, turning humans and birds into a lagoon. People have named this lagoon after combining her name with O Thuoc's bird name, or O Loan's lady name for short.

The weather of Phu Yen is separated into two seasons: wet and dry. The dry season is the best time to begin your tour in Phu Yen. This is the year's sunny season, which typically lasts from January through August.

However, for the magnificent O Loan lagoon, you may visit in either season, as the rainy season is also extremely attractive here. Fresh, delicious, and healthy fish is abundant throughout the rainy season. If you visit during the dry season, plan to visit O Loan lagoon in January to participate in unique local events like as boat racing, fishing ceremonies, god worshiping, and so on. If you are interested in learning about culture, now is the time to visit this tranquil area of Phu Yen.

O Loan Lagoon In Phu Yen

  • Things To Do at O Loan Lagoon In Phu Yen:

Because it has the quiet atmosphere of a fishing town, O Loan lagoon in Phu Yen is a popular destination for photographers looking for stunning views. With images of boats, fishermen using nets, and so on, simply elevating the camera to take shots yields realistic and visually appealing results.

Come to O Loan lagoon if you like seafood cuisine. Because O Loan lagoon is located near the sea, the fish here is just as wonderful as the seafood in the sea. The oyster is one of the best seafood that gives this region its reputation. Oysters are caught and processed into delicacies such as oyster porridge, grilled oysters with onion fat, and so on. In addition, there is a King crab and sea urchin. Because they are found in deep and cold water, grilled blood cockles are incredibly healthy foods. The taste after processing is also extremely wonderful.

Besides the above-mentioned seafood dishes, Phu Yen also has many kinds of seafood as well as special and nutritious special dishes. Not only that, but around the lagoon area, there are also many popular restaurants, imbued with the culture of Phu Yen.

O Loan Lagoon In Phu Yen


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