Cam Ly Waterfall In Dalat

Cam Ly Waterfall In Dalat:

Cam ly waterfall is located 2 kilometers from the city center at the end of Hoang Van Thu street. Traveling to the Cam Ly waterfall in Dalat immerses you in the spectacular, unspoiled natural surroundings and allows you to experience the fresh and tranquil atmosphere. The following information will be a great help in making your vacation pleasurable and memorable.

Cam Ly Waterfall In Dalat

  • The story of Cam Ly Waterfall In Dalat:

Cam Ly Waterfall Dalat is formed from the poetic Cam Le stream, originating from a branch of Xuan Huong Lake in the North, combined with another stream in the South. It is this arduous process of shaping that makes this Waterfall an awe-inspiring and majestic beauty. When it comes to the rainy season, the large stream of water from upstream pours down, violently pouring, making the scene of the Waterfall more majestic.

Over the past eight decades, the Cam Ly Waterfall tourist area has been refurbished to better suit today’s modern lifestyle. However, the inherent rustic and wild beauty is still preserved intact. Surrounding the Waterfall is a dense ancient forest with a diverse and rich ecosystem. Arriving here, you will entirely fall away from the hustle and bustle of the city. All the stress of life seems to disappear.

Perhaps many people are also curious about the origin of the name Waterfall. Among the stories that people have passed on for generations, two theories about the name that is most believed. Many years ago, the Co Ho people who lived in this area initially called this Waterfall Lieng To Sra. Later, the Waterfall was renamed Cam Ly to commemorate a chief who had great merit in exploiting this place. The chief’s name is K’Mly, which has a similar pronunciation to Cam Ly. In addition, there is another theory: Cam means “sweet” and Ly means “to penetrate.” The meaning of the word Cam Ly indicates that this is a precious freshwater stream and represents the sweetness and warmth of the people here.

Cam Ly Waterfall In Dalat

Da Lat is a city with a mild and relaxed climate so you can come here at any time of the year. However, for a convenient trip to this Waterfall, you should go in the dry season from November to April every year. The weather is dry and rarely rains, so it will be convenient for visitors to explore and play activities. 

Starting from Da Lat city center, you drive along National Highway 20, turn onto Tran Hung Dao Street, proceed to Tran Phu Street, continue to turn onto Hoang Van Thu Street, and just run more. A further section will come to Cam Ly waterfall. Traveling to Cam Ly waterfall, you will be amazed by the majestic, wild, enchanting natural scenery of this place. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and you will feel your soul become light and unusually relaxed. The sound of murmuring streams, the chirping of birds, the faint scent of flowers, and pure water blending create a vivid picture of nature, making visitors fall in love.

Cam Ly Waterfall Resort Dalat has invested in building many unique areas, creating ideal posing backgrounds for visitors. Just wear lovely costumes, prepare a camera, and you will be able to pocket yourself beautiful check-in pictures, making the whole social network jealous.

Cam Ly Waterfall In Dalat


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