Group Size: Private Tour

Tour Type: Dessert, Local Experiences

Active Level: Easy

Tour Duration: 2-3 hours

Sweet Dessert Tour Of Nha Trang

Che is the ideal way to end your dinner, especially if you dined in Vietnam. In Vietnamese, che means dessert or sweet soup. Sweet soup vendors may be found on the streets of Nha Trang. In the milder months, enjoy heated chè, while in the warmer months, refresh with crushed ice poured to the dessert. Che is a sweet soup that is often prepared with numerous ingredients and served in a big glass or bowl.

Sweet Dessert Tour Of Nha Trang Itinerary:

16:00 - 17:00 - 18:00: You will be picked up from Hotel in the central city by our expert tour guide/driver on a scooter. Our tour includes a scooter transfer because we carefully choose local transport to all the best sweet dessert vendors to provide you with great experiences with our street dessert culture.

Your tour guide will explain everything you need, what is contained, etc...

  • Explore the city's little lanes to locate various hidden street treats that serve delicious desserts.
  • Discover Nha Trang's vibrant street dessert culture.
  • Enjoy three delicious sweet sweets unique to the nation.
  • Meet other coffee enthusiasts who are just as excited to try Vietnamese sweet delicacies as you are.

Sweet Dessert Tour Of Nha Trang

Che Chuoi Nuong, A popular traditional cuisine in Vietnam is grilled banana with sticky rice, tapioca pearls, and coconut dessert (Che chuoi nuong). "Che chuoi nuong" developed in Vietnam's remote region, where banana, coconut, and sticky rice are plentiful. Grilled banana with sticky rice, tapioca pearl, and coconut dessert may warm your tummy and delight your taste buds. The warm, sticky, soft, and sweet banana, the fatty, sweet, and slightly salty thick coconut milk sauce, the chewy tapioca pearls, and the crispy and sticky glutinous rice all complement each other beautifully.

Sweet Dessert Tour Of Nha Trang

Banh Beo Ngot known as Vietnamese steamed rice cakes with coconut sauce is most attractive to all tourists to Nha Trang. To make a plate of Banh Beo Ngot (Vietnamese steamed rice cakes), the vendor quickly arranged it evenly on the plate, the piece of white cake was clear and small, and just looking at it was attractive enough. Then, the vendor scooped up a patch of flexible coconut milk to evenly spread the cake plate. Sprinkle some fragrant roasted sesame on top. Only that, a plate of Banh Beo Ngot has been completed and given to the guest.

Sweet Dessert Tour Of Nha Trang

Jelly Flan cake is a favorite Nha Trang snack for teenagers who are addicted to snacks here. Simple ingredients with flan, coffee, condensed milk, coconut milk with frosting, and shaved ice are mixed together to make a popular street snack.

Sweet Dessert Tour Of Nha Trang

"20 kinds of sweet desserts", Even though I like fruity flavors, I can't resist the many delectable Vietnamese sweets that await you after every meal in Vietnam. From colorful cakes and exquisite puddings to an endless assortment of Vietnamese sweet soups, Vietnam has no shortage of delectable desserts to satiate your sweet appetite.

Sweet Dessert Tour Of Nha Trang

Three-color sweet soup is a visually appealing delicacy comprised of three layers of different colored ingredients such as red kidney beans, yellow mung beans, and green pandan jelly. The ingredients are piled in a tumbler before being topped with crushed ice and a creamy coconut sauce in this cool Vietnamese dessert.

Sweet Dessert Tour Of Nha Trang

18:30 - 19:30 - 20:30: Return To Hotel. End of Trip.

Sweet Dessert Tour Of Nha Trang Inclusive:

  • Hotel pick up and drop off in central Nha Trang city
  • English-speaking tour guide/driver.
  • Transfer by private scooter.
  • Dessert was mentioned above
  • Bottled water.

Recommended Dress:

  • Smart casual
  • Camera

Sweet Dessert Tour Of Nha Trang Package Price:

39 USD/ Person

Children under the age of 5 are Free Of Charge

The price will be additional in Vietnam Public Holidays

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Sweet Dessert Tour Of Nha Trang


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