Van Thanh Flower Village Dalat

Van Thanh Flower Village Dalat:

Van Thanh Flower Village is a wonderful flower viewing spot for visitors to the dream town. The fresh, vibrant flowers provide tranquility and kindness. It will make our souls flutter, and we shall love nature more than ever. The name Van Thanh flower village in Dalat has left many fresh impacts on the city. Flowers are continually racing to blossom in a rainbow of hues all over the place. Van Thanh Flower Hamlet - Da Lat City's traditional flower village attracts many flowers and high-quality types.

Van Thanh Flower Village Dalat

  • The History of Van Thanh Flower Village Dalat:

The flower village of Van Thanh has a long history. Six individuals from the northern province of Ha Nam went to Da Lat to farm.  Van Thanh flower village was founded in the late 1950s when more than ten farmers from the northern plains north of Vietnam emigrated to this rich terrain to cultivate green vegetables, and the village's name was changed to Van Thanh.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the first household boldly transitioned from green vegetables to planting roses of various hues such as pink, yellow roses, and light pink roses... Since then, Van Thanh flower village has become well-known for its Dalat market and has spread to other regions of the country. The flower community has already expanded to 200 hectares in size. Grow flowers and supply the market with high-quality blooms.

Flowers village is open every day from 7:00 to 17:00. The perfect time to visit this site is between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. Because the weather is pleasant and bright, early morning dew produces a beautiful scene for you to gaze at and photograph. Flowers are also shimmering right now, which helps to create a shimmering shot for you.

Van Thanh Flower Village Dalat

How interesting of Van Thanh Flower Village Dalat?

More than 200ha of flowers are now produced in the greenhouse, with two-thirds dedicated to roses and fitted with automatic lighting and irrigation systems. Van Thanh Farmers have easy access to greenhouse floriculture technology and are actively breeding new roses from seeds imported from abroad rose types grown in Van Thanh, producing competitive advantages for the difference in the cut flower market. Flower growing has been passed down through generations. Young farmers are becoming more conscious of the need of preserving and expanding this tradition.

It is noteworthy for tourists to Van Thanh since the people here are open, kind, and highly accommodating. After pleasantries, they are ready to welcome you to the flower garden to snap photographs or learn about flower growing. Many tour companies and travel agencies have included Van Thanh Flower Village in their rural tours outside of Dalat. Visitors will be able to see the flower greenhouses, hear the flower mythology, and discover flower growth techniques and processes in the glass house of the Van Thanh flower village, as well as the high-tech agriculture of Da Lat city. And, if desired, you may purchase or order flowers as gifts for family and friends.

Van Thanh Flower Village Dalat


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