Vinh Hy Bay Vietnam

There are a lot of beautiful bays that attract tourists, but Vinh Hy Bay is fortunate to be off the radar of mainstream tourism. Viet Nam's Vinh Hy Bay is surrounded by lush mountains and clear blue water, making it look pure, fascinating, and tempting to travelers.

Vinh Hy Bay Vietnam Directions & Information:

Vinh Hy Bay is a small bay located near Ninh Chu Beach in Ninh Thuan Province, north of Ninh Thuan Province. Nui Chua National Park encloses the ocean on three sides of the island. Many upscale resorts enjoy Vinh Hy Bay because of its tranquil seas and forest wildness.

Tourists may visit the bay at any time of the year because of the nice and bright weather that prevails throughout the entire year in the area. The best time to travel is between May and August.

Things To Do In Vinh Hy Bay:

Visit Hang Rai - "Rai Cave":

This "cave" is actually a series of interlocking rocks is known as ancient coral facing the sea, despite being dubbed a "cave". Thousands of visitors go to Hang Rai to take pictures of its breathtaking beauty.

Explore Nui Chua National Park:

Visitors to Nui Chua National Park will enjoy being near to nature, seeing actual endangered animals, and breathing in a dust-free atmosphere.

Vinh Hy Bay, in addition to being a haven for those seeking natural beauty without people, is a seafood haven. Some local delights should not be missed by tourists, including Sea urchin baked or barramundi fish baked.

Vinh Hy Bay Vietnam

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