Vietnam Tet Holiday

Vietnam Tet Holiday:

Vietnam Tet Holiday. The Lunar New Year is a celebration of deep humanistic significance; it is a day for all people to reunite with their relatives, return to their country, and honor their ancestors. The Lunar New Year, the largest of Vietnam's traditional celebrations, is the meeting point of the old and new years, the cycle of operation of heaven and earth, all things and plants.

The Vietnamese Lunar New Year has a profound human connotation, representing the duration of life and people's desire for Heaven-Earth-Human peace. The Lunar New Year is an expression of the interaction between people and nature in the spirit of an agricultural culture; between clans and villages in the ethnic community; and between divine faith and the sublime in spiritual life.

Vietnam Tet Holiday

  • The History of the Vietnam Tet Holiday:

Tet's origins are still questioned, however overwhelming evidence says that Nguyen Dan New Year began in China and was introduced to Vietnam during the 1000 years of Northern dominance. However, according to the "Banh Chung and Banh day" tradition, Vietnamese people celebrated Tet before the Hung Kings, before 1000 years of Northern dominance. Tet of two nations Vietnam and China share mutual influence, although each has its own distinct traits.

The Lunar New Year symbolizes heaven and earth's connection, people, and gods. Consider man's interaction with nature. Tet - because of the weather (weather) in accordance with the functioning of the cosmos, manifested in the rotation of the spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons, respectively - has an exceptional value for a society where agriculture is still the backbone of the economy.

Farmers also consider this to be an opportunity to remember the gods who are related to crop gain and loss such as the Earth god, the God of Rain, the God of Thunder, the God of Water, and the God of the Sun. The farmers also do not forget their gratitude to the animals and trees that have helped and fed them, from rice to cattle, cattle, and poultry these days.

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  • The activities during Vietnam Tet Holiday:

Every year when Tet arrives, Vietnamese people want to return to reunite under the family house for three days of Tet, to pray in front of the ancestral altar, visit the church, the tomb, the well, the yard, and so on, relive with the loving memories of the cherished childhood. "Traveling home to celebrate Tet" is a journey to the origin, the location where the umbilical cord is buried, rather than a normal sense of going or returning.

The first New Year's Day, according to the Vietnamese concept, is a day of reunion, reunion, the relationship between neighbors is expanded, binding each other into a common morality for the entire society.

Tet is also a day to remember those who have died. Families burnt incense from the evening on the 30th night, before New Year's Eve, to welcome the spirits of their grandparents, ancestors, and departed relatives to dine and enjoy Tet with their children and grandkids. The ancestral altar is highly significant in every Vietnamese household. On Tet celebration, the altar of ancestors represents the Vietnamese people's remembering and reverence for their ancestors and departed relatives, with carefully selected five-fruit tray; tray with numerous tasty foods or familiar dishes of the deceased.

Vietnam Tet Holiday

Vietnamese people think that a pleasant New Year's Day at the start of the year heralds a prosperous year ahead. The previous year brings ill luck, and the new year brings individuals positive ideals about life. If the previous year was fortunate, the good fortune will continue throughout the next year. Tet is also a day of optimism and hope in this regard.

Tet is everyone's birthday, and everyone is one year older, therefore when they gather, they say to enjoy one more year. Adults celebrate the ages of small children and old people to desire their children to grow up swiftly, dutifully, and well-educated, and to hope the elderly live long and healthy lives so that their children and grandchildren might be filial and enjoy benefits.

Vietnam Tet Holiday


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