100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang

"100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang" is interlaced with lush green grass, banana, papaya, and other exotic plants to create a stunningly attractive sight when seen from above. Guests may enjoy bathing in huge egg baths with lush green grass and banana tree canvas in this peaceful area of the resort. There's nothing better than relaxing in the Jacuzzi pool and swimming pool with its strong jets to alleviate the tension and strain of a long day.

100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang Directions & Information:

Spread over 20 hectares, 100 Egg Theme Park (Phuoc Dong, Nha Trang city, Vietnam) is a new and attractive destination with a natural environment and fully serviced. 100 Egg Theme Park has located 8km from Nha Trang city center.

From Nha Trang city center, you run south through Binh Tan bridge ==> go straight on Nguyen Tat Thanh street ==> to the intersection with DT.657 street ==> turn right onto DT.657 = => to Runabout 1km, meet the junction with a sign to enter Kenh Ha Lake, you turn on that road and go straight to the lake.

Along with the Mineral Mud Bath, tourists may explore our Adventure Zone, Vietnamese Zodiac Hill, Peaceful Penjing, Vietnam Traditional Houses, Highland Culture House, and much more. You can eat well at our restaurants and shops. Organize team games and activities in our Teambuilding area.

100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang

Things To Do In 100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang:

100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang is a unique synthesis zone for you to just relax while exploring the colorful ethnic culture.

The Champa Town was built with Cham architectures sculpted to represent the life of the Cham people. The green bamboo bending canal, grazing buffalo will give visitors an ancient village with sharp roofs quaint village were to organize the event, the nationalist program, cultural roots.

You will not need to go far but can enjoy the feeling of freedom amidst clear minerals by nature with waterfalls and majestic mountains. Lak-Kon-Ku Village and Dam San Festival Palace have unique architectural designs used to venue bonfire events and cultural festivals.

Besides the Mud Kingdom, Egg Café Restaurant is designed as a unique model with an egg romantic atmosphere and quiet, you can enjoy European cuisine, Italian cuisine, and dishes coffee drinks made from eggs - a signature of 100 Egg Theme Park.

In addition, It difficult for tourists to forget about the culinary village with many varieties of Vietnamese food. Besides that, you may enjoy the shade of the Casuarina trees year-round while being bathed in the warmth of sunlight through the leafy foliage inserts.

Family and friends may gather together and enjoy a wonderful barbeque or the typical food of three different areas together. Occasionally there are performances of traditional music and dance as well as magic tricks, fire dancing, and a humorous game show that leaves a lasting impact.

Basic Price At 100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang:

Adult: 300,000 VND/ pax
Children: 200,000 VND / pax


- Hot mud bath in egg tub ( 25 minutes)

- Mineral rain shower

- Swimming pool

- Hot mineral Jacuzzi

- Waterfall

- Poolside lounger chair

- Hydrotherapy

- Sightseeing

ATTENTION: Excluded swimsuits and bath towel. 


Women's swimwear for adults: 20,000 VND/ piece

Women’s swimwear  for children: 10,000 VND/ piece

Men's swimwear for adults:   10,000 VND/ piece

Men's swimwear for adults or children: 10,000 VND/ piece

Bath towel : 10,000 VND/ piece

100 Egg Mud Bath Nha Trang

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