Nui Chua National Park

Nui Chua National Park. The UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve Nui Chua National Park, located in Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam's driest climatic zone, has become one of Vietnam's most popular natural tourism destinations. Nui Chua astonishes with ever-flowing streams, a tapestry of connected mountain ranges, and green hillsides—ideal for hiking, outdoor activities, and reconnecting with nature's unadulterated beauty during a Vietnam trip.

Nui Chua National Park:

Nui Chua National Park covers two districts in Ninh Thuan Province: Thuan Bac and Ninh Hai. This natural retreat encompasses wide woodland landscapes and spans more than 30,000 hectares.

The park is organized into three specialized zones, including an ecological regeneration region and a tourism and service center.

Originally known as the Phan Rang Dry Forest, the park transitioned from a nature reserve in April 1998 to the Nui Chua Conservation Area in 2003, eventually becoming Nui Chua National Park. In a historic milestone in 2022, UNESCO designated the area as a World Biosphere Reserve.

Nui Chua National Park

  • The natural beauty of Nui Chua National Park:

Nui Chua is home to around 1500 vascular plant species, representing all five branches of the plant system. Notably, the Orchidaceae family dominates, accounting for 96.64% of the total and including 1,237 species. This biodiverse sanctuary also protects rare plant species, some of which are included in both the Vietnam Red Data Book and the Global Red List

Nui Chua National Park is home to an impressive 330 vertebrate species, including 84 mammals, 163 birds, and 83 amphibians and reptiles. It is also known for its uncommon gems, like the black-shanked douc langur, red-faced pheasant, central Vietnam's distinctive tree frog, and iconic species like the Asiatic black bear, stump-tailed macaque, pygmy slow loris, and others

Under the waters, coral reefs teem with life, with 300 species, including 46 newly found corals. The seaweed system in Nui Chua is also thriving, with approximately 200 species. Notably, Nui Chua is a unique location where marine turtles opt to nest on the mainland, highlighting the island's clean and unspoiled natural beauty.

Nui Chua National Park

Things to Do at Nui Chua National Park:

Your hiking to Nui Chua National Park might begin by climbing the highest peak, Chua Anh (Co Tuy), which rises above 1,000 meters. The path travels through the forest, passing bushes, quirky rocks, wildflowers, and orchids. Serenity prevails, with occasional streams providing refreshing opportunities to gaze at the vast sea below.

To fully climb Chua Mountain, travelers can explore six more nearby peaks in addition to Chua Anh: Chua Chat, Chua Chau, Chua Chong, Chua Vo, and Chua Em. Various trials await you, but so do many delights and memories.

As night strikes, wander around Vinh Hy Bay's beach and be enchanted by the glittering lights of fishing boats. Squid fishing onboard a tiny tethered boat while taking in Vinh Hy's peaceful surroundings, sea, mountains, and woods promises to be a wonderful and interesting adventure.

Furthermore, going along the coastal route from Vinh Hy to Binh Ba (Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa) reveals breathtaking beaches such as Thung, Thit, Hoi, Kinh, Nuoc Do, Cha La, Binh Tien, Chuoi, Da Vach, and countless unidentified beaches to discover.

During your stay in Nui Chua National Park, do not hesitate to contact the National Park's staff directly for additional information about trekking activities.

Nui Chua National Park

When is a good time to visit Nui Chua National Park How do I get there?

For a fulfilling and courteous visit to Nui Chua National Park, consider these tips:

Nui Chua has the usual features of a coastal, arid climate with two distinct seasons. The dry season runs from January to September, while the rainy season usually lasts from late September to December.

The best months to visit Nui Chua National Park are March through September. These are sunny, radiant days that show off the park's landscapes in all their colorful and enticing glory, making them ideal for witnessing their magnetic charm.

Da Vach Lake is a must-see location for those looking for unusual sceneries. Perched atop Da Vach mountain, this lake is popular with travelers because its water levels defy the odds in an otherwise parched environment.

This scenic lake, which is only accessible by foot, is around 80 meters in length, 50 meters in breadth, and has a depth of 1.5 meters. It is located at a height of 236 meters above sea level. While the journey may be difficult, experiencing this exquisite panorama will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life

As visitors progress deeper into the Nui Chua region, they will notice the gentle murmurs of the Lo O Stream blending with the sounds of the wind and rustling leaves to create a relaxing forest tune. Azaleas and orchids are among the distinctive and lovely flora found along the creek.

Nestled in the lush forest and mostly unspoiled, this stream is a refuge of crystal-clear water originating from mountain cracks. Don't miss out on the opportunity to swim in the cold, clear water, explore the Raglai-built suspension bridge going to Lo O, or climb Da Do Peak to see the huge panorama from above. You may also witness the culture of the Raglai ethnic group that live here.

Nui Chua National Park

How can I get to Nui Chua National Park from Phan Rang - Ninh Thuan?

You may get to Nui Chua by vehicle or motorcycle from Phan Rang or Phan Rang - Thap Cham, Ninh Thuan Province's key center. Here are two popular routes for your reference:

Route 1: Begins in Phan Rang City and continues on route 16/4 to Yen Ninh Street, via Ninh Chu Bridge and onto Provincial Road 702 through Thai An Village. The park is 30 km ahead.

Route 2: Begin in Phan Rang City, then take Nguyen Van Cu Street, Truong Chinh Street, left at Ninh Chu Roundabout toward Tri Thuy Bridge, and another 30 kilometers to the park on Provincial Road 702.

Nui Chua National Park


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