Tour Guide Procedure

The tour guide shall not give incorrect information, violate political or religious beliefs while working. For both tourists and coworkers, being late or missing an appointment is not tolerated. For tour guides, it's an "unwritten rule" to avoid motion sickness. Additionally, the tour guide must be well-versed in a variety of regulations, including the Tourism Law, in order to effectively advise international tourists in adhering to local laws in the countries.

Tour Guide Procedure:

Step 1: Preparation

1.1 Read carefully schedule and take note of the important information

1.2 Received tour itinerary from the tour operator

1.3 Prepare tour destinations information

1.4 Call or Send a text message to the group leader before 1 day to notice that you will pick up the group

Step 2: Welcome Group Travel (For both domestic and international trips)

2.1 Final check tour information (Group Leader Info, Landing Airport, Tour Itinerary)

2.2 Prepare toiletries bag

2.3 Welcome guests group at the airport, or train station

2.4 Support guests on the airplanes (if need)

Step 3: Trip arrangement for hotel & restaurant for group travel

3.1 Double check room types, room quantity at the hotel before guest check-in

3.2 Double check the menu at the restaurant before arrives

3.3 Standby for support while guests are eating at the restaurant

Step 4: Sightseeing arrangement

4.1 Count the starting time from the hotel and plan for all sightseeing on that date

4.2 Double check the group list before bus departure

4.3 Presentation on the bus and announce the trip information

4.4 Arrive at tourist sightseeing

4.5 Operating take care of group a line and make sure the information for the announcement

Step 5: Farewell and Transfer to Airport

5.1 Farewell presentation

5.2 Pick up from the hotel and transfer to airport or train station

5.3 Shake hand and farewell the group

5.4 Settlement of revenues and expenditures

5.5 Summary report, lessons learned

Tour Guides Important Skill Requirement:

1. Communicate Skill

In my opinion, this is the most crucial talent to have.  Additionally, the tour guide must be able to communicate with guests politely. Tour guides must be able to communicate effectively, be confident, and be able to make a good first impression with visitors in order to be successful in their career.

They must also be able to meet and welcome both domestic and international guests with various cultures, traditions. While on tour, this creates sympathy and wins over the hearts of the tourists.

2. Presentation Skill

Tour guides must be able to communicate facts clearly and gently. Additionally, the tour guide must be able to organize and arrange all of the information to be logical. There's also the option of adding amusing tales or instances, which will make the trip more attractive. Don't bore your audience with lengthy presentations.

3. Arrangement Skill

The timetable and structure of each trip are planned, but you won't do it according to a stereotype, but rather based on real-time. So that guests aren't overburdened or miss mealtime with the group, as well as the arrival flight time, health status, habits, and age of tourists.

4. Handle Situations Skill

While on tour, the tour guide may encounter a variety of situations, like traffic congestion, unprepared hotel rooms, and overcrowded tourist attractions, therefore the tour guides must be able to resolve the problem as fast as possible so that the tour agenda is not disrupted and make a perfect trip. In case, the problem is out of control, the tour guide must call the tour operator for support.

5. Emotion Mastery Skill

This has a tremendous impact on the tour guide's excitement during the tour. Personal sentiments and the job must be distinct for a professional guide. Do not allow your emotions to interfere with your work once you have conducted the tour. If your presentation has a weak tone, your customers will recognize it right away. It is my sincere wish that you continue to be a perfect tour guide.

6. Observe Skill

As a skilled guide, you must be able to look far, evaluate the situation in front of you swiftly, and handle it delicately so that guests don't. Even without asking for help, a client may often tell what they need by just turning their head.

7. First-Aid Skill

To guarantee the safety of tourists, tour guides must have first aid skills. There is a great deal of obligation on tourists are not only expected to have a wonderful time but they must also be kept secure at all.

Let's Be A Better Tour Guide

Tour Guide Procedure

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