Cavendish Bananas Supplier in Vietnam

Cavendish Bananas Supplier in Vietnam. Branded as "the world's most consumed fruit". The banana fruit is said to have originated up to 10,000 years ago, initially being found and farmed in Southeast Asia before spreading to other countries.

Cavendish Bananas Supplier in Vietnam:

The banana fruit is now one of the world's most exported agricultural goods, with Cavendish bananas being the most popular commercial bananas for eating due to its extended shelf life and ease of transportation. The fruit has an initial green skin that becomes yellow when ripe, soft light yellow meat within, and a distinct scent. The sweetness of a banana increases as it ripens.

  • Best Cavendish Bananas Quality In Vietnam:

Aside from being tasty, the banana offers several health advantages. It includes several necessary nutrients and is excellent for digestion, heart health, and weight loss. One medium banana (118 grams) provides 9% of the recommended daily intake. Eating more bananas results in a high-potassium diet, which can cut the risk of heart disease by 27%. A medium-sized banana is an excellent source of fiber, providing around 3g, which is comparable to 10% of the daily need, and it aids colon function by regulating cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation.

Cavendish Bananas Supplier in Vietnam

  • Vietnam Cavendish Bananas Exports: 

Cavendish bananas are among the world's most popular fruits, and Vietnam is a significant supplier of them. Please look at how Delicious Fruit, a Vietnamese fruit supply firm, can effectively export Cavendish bananas.

- Cavendish Banana Storing Method:

Cavendish bananas are a fragile fruit that need careful storage to guarantee they arrive in good shape. They should be stored in a cool, dry environment with temperatures ranging from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius. It's also vital not to expose the fruit to direct sunshine or heat sources.

Cavendish Bananas Supplier in Vietnam

- Cavendish Banana Packaging:

When exporting Cavendish bananas, high-quality packing is vital to keep the fruit safe throughout travel. Bananas should be wrapped in plastic or foam sleeves and stored in strong cardboard boxes. The packaging should be strong enough to support the weight of the fruit and clearly labeled with the contents and destination.

Carton of 13kg (or 9kg), or upon request.

Cavendish Bananas Supplier in Vietnam

- Cavendish Banana Size:

Length: 15 - 20 (cm).
Diameter: more than 3 (cm)
Weight a bunch bananas: 3 - 4 kg.


Cavendish Banana is the most important traditional fruit of Vietnam, both in terms of historical and economic significance.

Commercial annual production in Vietnam is over one million tons, not including home gardens, which almost always grow bananas for personal and local use.

Style: Fresh

Length: 17 -25 cm

Diameter: 3 - 4 cm

Origin: Vietnam

Packing: 5-6 hands/carton, 13.5-18.5 kgs net/carton

Others: Smooth, No brown spots, No scratched, No cracked, No malformation.

- Cavendish banana Paperwork:

Several documentation are required for exporting Cavendish bananas, including a bill of lading, a packing list, and a certificate of origin. The certificate of origin validates the nation of origin of the fruit, whilst the packing list specifies the contents of each box. The bill of lading is used as proof of shipment.

- Cavendish banana Payment Terms:

Payment arrangements for exporting Cavendish bananas vary, but the most prevalent are T/T and LC at sight. T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) is a type of payment in which the buyer sends funds to the seller's bank account. A letter of credit (LC) is a financial instrument issued by a bank that guarantees payment to the seller if the agreement's terms and conditions are satisfied.

- Details of the Cavendish banana container:

Shipping containers Cavendish bananas are often stored in refrigerated containers that can sustain a temperature of 13-15 degrees C. The containers can accommodate 20-22 pallets, with each pallet containing around 80-100 boxes of bananas. To guarantee that the fruit arrives safely and on schedule, each container should be carefully labeled with its contents and destination.

In conclusion, exporting Cavendish bananas necessitates meticulous attention to detail and rigorous adherence to laws. A successful export business requires proper storage procedures, high-quality packing, and clear communication with consumers. With the appropriate method, Vietnamese fruit providers such as Delicious Fruit may benefit from exporting Cavendish bananas.

Cavendish Bananas Supplier in Vietnam

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Cavendish Bananas Supplier in Vietnam



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