Truong Son Traditional Craft Village

To maintain the historic beauty and develop appealing destinations, recently, Khanh Hoa Forest and Sea Products Company has renovated Truong Son apricot orchard to Truong Son artisan village, which spans around an area of 20,000m2 at 8 Truong Son Street, Nha Trang City. Truong Son craft village presently showcases numerous handicrafts of the region.

Truong Son Traditional Craft Village Directions & Information:

Tourists may see the magnificent driftwood works, watch the local people knitting fishing nets weaving, weaving mats, creating conical hats, etc. within houses with vivid red tile roofs, In addition to traditional items, the locals here have also developed stunning ornamental products from sedge mats and fishing nets. Here, tourists also may see enormous creatures knitted by plastic. The newest is the work Dong Son bronze drum, 4m in diameter, constructed of synthetic plastic.

Truong Son craft village also shows numerous pieces of art by prominent artists in Nha Trang. Visitors come here to have an opportunity to witness the sculptures displaying the Cham culture of the sculptor Doan Xuan Hung, the sculptures influenced by history.

Tourists to Truong Son craft village will not only explore the handicrafts but also see the garden full of flowers and fruits. In May, Truong Son craft village had 2,000 sunflowers in bloom; hundreds of Vietnamese rose pots are also blossoming. 

Opening Hours: Daily 08:00 – 17:00

Address: 8 Truong Son Street, Nha Trang City

Truong Son Traditional Craft Village

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