Da Dia Reef In Phu Yen

Da Dia Reef In Phu Yen:

The beauty of Da Dia Reef in Phu Yen may be referred to as a miracle. The rock here is basalt, which was generated by volcanic activity on the Van Hoa plateau 200 million years ago. When lava flows erupt from the volcano and meet up with cold water, it freezes, so this, combined with the phenomena of force, causes these lava blocks to spontaneously break into various dimensions, resulting in curiously attractive stone slabs. As strange as it is now. What makes it unique is that there are tens of thousands of hexagonal, round, or square stone columns stacked one on top of the other, sequentially and tightly like a god's hand.

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From a distance, it seems to be a massive beehive standing in the center of the crystal blue water, adding to its whimsy. There are spots where the rocks are stacked high and straight, and then there are places where the rocks are stretched and slanted like a stack of dishes, which may be why the name Da Dia was coined. Not only that but the hazy mist of the sky or when the dazzling sun rays beam down to make the site spectacularly gorgeous even without a camera. There are no words to express this divine beauty.

 With this unique natural wonder, Da Dia Reef was also recognized as a national scenic relic in 1998 and put into tourism exploitation by Phu Yen province.

Da Dia Reef In Phu Yen

  • One of the 5 most famous rapids in the world:

Da Dia Reef in Phu Yen is one of five beautiful reefs in the world, the others being Giant's Causeway on the northeast coast of Ireland, Organos reef on La Gomera island in Spain, Fingal Cave on Staffa Island in Scotland, and Jusangjeolli disc reef in Korea. It demonstrates how nature has been incredibly biased in providing Vietnam with such a wonderful treasure in the world.

You may fly directly to Tuy Hoa airport or buy a train ticket to Tuy Hoa station. From the center of Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen, take National Highway 1A north for approximately 30 kilometers, then turn right to the east for about 12 kilometers to reach the reef. Alternatively, you may drive the coastal route from Tuy Hoa to the rapids for more than 35 kilometers while seeing the sea and mountains.

Da Dia Reef In Phu Yen

Basically, Da Dia Reef in Phu Yen is gorgeous in every season, but if you come at dawn or sunset, you will see a lyrical beauty no less enchanting in this place. This is it. Feel free to capture stunning shots with stunning scenery. These stacked piles of natural stones also allow you to pose from numerous perspectives! You only need a good mechanical camera or a phone to capture shots that are "excellent" enough to be considered shimmering and glittering.

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This one-of-a-kind landscape in Vietnam is also known as a legend around Da Dia Reef.

Once upon a time, there was a very wealthy guy, but his wife died young, and they had no children together. He was a devoted man who was not profane and intended to pursue Buddhism. How much money, gold, silver, and gems, did he distribute to people in the region in order for them to earn a living? The rest he stored in a warehouse near the shore (ie hamlet 6, An Ninh Dong commune now) with the idea of using that cash to build temples and gifts to anyone later when he became a pious man. They treat the children as though they were their own. After a long time of practicing and attaining the Way, he followed the Buddha to Nirvana before he had time to use the other wealth for the initial good idea.

Knowing that there is a vault next to the beach, many people get greedy and go to the warehouse to plunder, but strangely enough, the warehouse door is just ordinary wooden planks like other people's doors, and the walls are just slabs of wood. surrounded by high stones, but could not be pried open. Night after night, for months on end, the stone wall and wooden door remained unchanged. Too angry, they used wood, covered the warehouse with mulch, and set it on fire, the fire was sky-high, but the wooden door was still intact.

One night, the other selfish individuals arrived and smeared dirty stuff on the wooden door before piling more wood to continue burning. Halfway through, a tornado-like event carried the people surrounding the Treasury into the air and unleashed a horrific explosion, prompting everyone who was asleep to awaken and hurry to the beach, where the explosion happened. But they were all drowned in the peaceful night, only hearing the waves pounding against the rocky coastline in the pitch-black night. The next morning, they dragged each other to the shore, only to discover that the rich man's treasury had vanished, replaced with enormous hexagonal stones heaped in orderly columns of varying heights and lows.

Da Dia Reef In Phu Yen


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