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A transit visa in Vietnam allows people to pass through the country on their route to another destination. Transit is a pause at an international border gate before traveling to a third country when traveling from one country to another. Passengers might take a nap on the plane or go to the transit area to wait for the next flight. Foreigners must get a transit visa for Vietnam depending on their circumstances.

Vietnam Transit Visa 2023 Information:

A transit visa is granted to foreigners who are not excluded from obtaining a visa for Vietnam, have a connecting flight and a stopover in Vietnam, and are included in one of the following categories:

Foreigners who want to leave the Vietnam airport after staying for more than 24 hours to sightsee throughout the country.

Foreigners must leave the transit area for a short period of time owing to mandatory reasons (such as collecting luggage to transfer to the next aircraft, exploring Vietnam, personal reasons, etc.).

Who doesn't require a transit visa?

In some instances, a transit visa is not required when passing through a Vietnam airport:

You do not need to obtain a visa to enter Vietnam.

You have a connecting flight in less than a day.

You will not exit the transit zone established by the competent agency of the international border crossings.

You have documentation proving your journeys to the end location, such as a visa or passport.

In certain instances, travelers must meet the following requirements in order to transit in Vietnam without a transit visa:

Having a valid passport (valid for at least six months) and appropriate travel papers for overseas travel.

Having a ticket for the trip to the third country.

Except in circumstances of visa exemption, a valid visa to the third country.

Vietnam Transit Visa 2023

List Of 3 Method To Obtain Vietnam Transit Visa 2023:

A transit visa, like many other types of visas to Vietnam, can be obtained in one of three methods:

Transit visa at Embassy: This is the most typical method of obtaining a transit visa in advance of your journey by submitting paperwork to the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in your home country. The fee is determined by the Embassy's policy in each nation.

Online transit visa (e-visa): An e-visa is more convenient and time-saving because it needs all information and papers to be provided online. The evaluation procedure takes three working days, however, it only applies to inhabitants of the 81 countries that accept e-visas. The price is $25 for each visit.

Transit visa on arrival: This is the simplest option to obtain a visa due to the assistance of a third party (a visa agency), however, it is only accessible for air passengers. You can apply for a pre-approved visa letter online and prepare some extra papers (visa application form, pictures, passport) before getting the visa stamp at the airport in Vietnam. The charge for an approval letter varies depending on the time (urgent or regular) and the agency's policy. The stamping charge is $25 USD and must be paid in cash.

Vietnam Transit Visa 2023

Important considerations while traveling on a transit visa:

Because of the time zone differences between nations, you need to set your clock to Vietnam time to prevent missing flights.

Follow the Transit Gate rather than the Immigration Gate.

Remember to check your flight time and number on the electronic board if your boarding gate or flight time changes.

Check your bags carefully and, if feasible, decrease your hand luggage to avoid luggage loss.

Although there are many food alternatives inside the port, the prices may be slightly more than outside, so bring some snacks if you have a longer transit time.

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