The Role Of Tour Guide

Legally, a tourist guide must have a domestic or international license to be a tour guide. When working on a tour, a tour guide is penalized if they do not have, do not wear, or do not lend a guide's card, they will be fined.

The Role Of Tour Guide:

As a tour guide, you'll introduce tourists to the culture, history, etc. of the destination they're visiting. To convey culture and recreate history, the tour guide's narration is crucial. Especially when the cultural and historical remnants of the past are few and less information.

The narrative and expression of the tour guide directly influence the visitor's impression, and that is the tour program's quality. This means that tour guides work an essential part in deciding the tourist programs are successful or not.

The Ethics Of Tour Guides:

As far as possible, the tour guide should not take advantage of visitors' surprise by asking for or "stealing" money from tourists, as this would not only ruin the guide's personal reputation but will also harm the company's reputation.

Tour Guides Important Skill Requirement:

1. Communicate Skill

Having this ability is the most important thing you can have.  It is also important that the tour guide be able to converse properly with the tourists.  Professional tour guides must have excellent communication skills, be confident, and be able to make a good first impression on tourists.

Aside from that, they must be able to interact with and greet both domestic and foreign guests from different countries This builds sympathy and wins over the hearts of the visitors while on tour.

2. Presentation Skill

As a tour guide, you must have the ability to convey information concisely.   Another important skill is the ability to organize and arrange all the information in a logical way. If you want to make the trip more interesting, you may add humorous stories or incidents. Your audience won't like it if you give a length presentation with bored.

3. Arrangement Skill

Planned trips will have a schedule and a plan, but you won't do it based on preconceived notions. Visitors mustn't be overwhelmed or miss mealtimes with the group, as well as the arrival flight time and health state, habits, and age of tourists.

4. Handle Situations Skill

In order to ensure a smooth journey, the tour guide must be able to solve problems as quickly as possible while on the trip, such as traffic jams, unprepared hotel rooms, and overloaded tourist areas. While on tour, if an issue arises that can't be handled by the tour guide, the tour operator will standby to support in case of a problem.

5. Emotion Mastery Skill

This has a big influence on the tour guide's enthusiasm during the tour. Emotions and the job must be kept apart for professional guidance to be effective.  Don't let your emotions get in the way of your job until you've completed it. Your clients will be able to recognize if your presentation has a poor tone. It is my sincere wish that you continue to be a perfect tour guide.

6. Observe Skill

Expert guides must have the ability to see far forward, assess the situation quickly, and handle it carefully so that guests don't get hurt. Often, even if a customer doesn't ask for help but tour guide still knows what do they need.

7. First-Aid Skill

Having first aid knowledge is essential for ensuring the safety of tourists while on tour. To ensure that visitors have a fantastic time and are safe at all times, there is a significant degree of responsibility put on them. For example: leading a group tour for snorkeling, the tour guide must have swimming skills, and artificial respiration skills (CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

Let's Be A Better Tour Guide

The Role Of Tour Guide

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