Doc Let Beach Nha Trang

Doc Let Nha Trang and Doc Lech are other names for the same beach. As you go along the Slope Coast, you'll find white-sand beaches separated from the sea by a row of blue poplars that sway in the wind.

Doc Let Beach Nha Trang Directions & Information:

Located around 49 kilometers south of Nha Trang city center, Doc Let is a popular Nha Trang tourist destination in the summer.

There are many explanations for the name Doc Let, many visitors who first heard of this name were curious about the reason and its story.

A difficult climb up high sandhills slows you down each day as you make your way to the ocean in Doc Let. Walking is difficult every time you take a step in the quicksand. As a result of my exhaustion, there are moments when I want to "draw" away from there. As challenging as the endeavor is, it pays off when you get at the beach and are greeted by a cool July morning breeze. The waves celebrate the "miracle" of overcoming medium-high sand.

At present, most of the natural sand slope is supported leveled to facilitate travel, moving machines to expand tourism services. You can ask the staff for parking and the way to the beach.

Entrance fee: 50.000 VND (included: shower & desk-chair at the beach)

Doc Let Beach Nha Trang

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