Hon Do Island Nha Trang

Hon Do is a small island 500 meters off the coast of Nha Trang, Vietnam. There is only one temple on the island, Tu Ton Pagoda, which is licensed to build 900m2.

Hon Do Island Nha Trang History & Architecture:

After crossing the Tran Phu Bridge, Pham Van Dong Street will lead you to a little green island. If the mysterious hand in Hon Chong attracts visitors from all over the world, the aisles, notably Chinese tourists, right next to it, an island with a similar geological structure, not simply a mystery hand, are also worth a visit.

There are just five fingers, but there are numerous huge footprints, fairy chess boards, and other remnants that are all gorgeous, tranquil, and pure.

Tu Ton Pagoda Nha Trang:

Venerable Thich Vien Man founded Tu Ton Pagoda Nha Trang in 1960. It is reported that in the past, the island, like Hon Chong, had relatively few trees; nevertheless, because of the monks' efforts to plant trees, the island is as lush as it is today.

If you are traveling by car or motorcycle, there is a parking lot available for 10,000 VND. Following that, there is a free canoe that will take you to the island, as well as a contribution box.

The east side of the pagoda has flat rocky beaches where famous fairies play chess, making it an ideal place for afternoon fishing and fun with friends.

The main direction of the pagoda is south, overlooking the island and bamboo ramparts. A Queen Ngoc is facing Tran Phu Bridge to the West. It also provides a space where you can sit and play with your friends while enjoying the panoramic view of the city and Po Nagar tower.

To provide power to the temple, a huge amount of large capacity machines positioned at the entrance of the temple are used. There are many merit boxes in the pagodas, but only a few in the Tu Ton pagoda.

Hon Do Island Nha Trang

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