Nha Trang Oyster

Nha Trang Oyster:

Nha Trang Oyster. Oysters are a form of nutrient-dense seafood. Oyster meat has a sweet, slightly salty flavor, coolness, non-toxicity, yang impact, and tonicity, according to traditional medicine... As a result, oyster meals are particularly healthy and a "husband and wife complement" food.

There are several unique and nutritious oyster meals, such as oysters cooked with oatmeal, oysters simmered with green banana, and grilled oysters... but oyster salad may be a "unique" food. To eat tasty oysters, local people normally have to travel to a store and buy oysters that have just been captured and are ready to be processed.

After purchasing newly obtained oysters, they returned them to the basket, properly cleaned them, then used their hands to pick off the broken shells that were still intermingled in the meat. Because eating the leftover oyster shell is extremely harmful. Drain the water and place the oysters on a dish to compress the salad into a serving size. Cut a fresh lemon in halves and squeeze the juice into the oyster salad platter. Because of the acidic flavor of the lemon, the oyster meat will be undercooked.

Nha Trang Oyster

Salads are no longer just about spices like mint, onion, basil, and herbs... particularly roasted peanuts and toasted rice paper. The salad dipping sauce is typically made with a cup of pounded fish sauce, lemon, sugar, chile, and garlic, but the ideal technique is to make a cup of soy sauce with a little mustard.

Scoop a spoonful of oysters into a bowl, crumble a piece of toasted rice paper with herbs and roasted peanuts, add a little dipping sauce, and gently chew it on your tongue to appreciate the oyster salad.

It will be very lyrical in the late afternoon, sitting on the porch with my friends, eating oyster salad with a glass of white wine.

Nha Trang Oyster

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