Nha Trang Tourist Pier

Nha Trang Tourist Pier was formally opened on May 16th, 2021, after undergoing a trial period in Vinh Truong Ward, Nha Trang City. Daily excursions to Nha Trang Bay are now offered from the pier, which has progressively stabilized improve better ready for large groups of tourists.

Nha Trang Tourist Pier Directions & Information:

It's been two weeks since the Cau Da pier closed, and many of the tourist boats and canoes have relocated to the Nha Trang tourist.  When you arrive at Nha Trang's tourist pier, you'll find a long line of people waiting to take a boat tour to Nha Trang bay.

Nha Trang Bay's Management Board has managed more than 350 boats and canoes from Cau Da Pier, which has been closed since May 16, to dock at Nha Trang's tourist pier. About 70 boats and speedboats will be moved to the new dock during the next few months. Nha Trang Bay excursions (3 island tours, 4-island tours, snorkeling, scuba diving) are back to normal now that the Covid-19 pandemic has been contained. Nha Trang's tourist pier feeds an average of 800 to 1200 people per day.

Nha Trang Tourist Pier is 400m long and 150m wide. It was invested by Hon Mot Joint Stock Company and is maintained and controlled by Nha Trang Bay Management Board. Approximately 15,419 square meters will be required to complete the project, of which 5,562 square meters will be devoted to the tourist pier and 9,857 square meters will be devoted Along with the office space, the dock includes three passenger waiting rooms that can accommodate 300-500 people apiece. Nha Trang Tourist Pier can be accommodated 10,000-12,000 people per day.

List of the popular daily Nha Trang Tourist island route:

1. Nha Trang 3 Island Speedboat Tour

2. Nha Trang 4 Island Boat Tour

3. Daily Snorkeling Tour Nha Trang

4. Daily Scuba Diving Tour At Hon Mun Island

5. Fishing On Nha Trang Bay

6. Mud Bath At Hon Tam Island

Nha Trang Tourist Pier

List of the daily Nha Trang Tourist island route:

Hon Mun island, Dam Bay island, Coral Bay Beach, Hon Tam island, Tranh beach, Mini beach, San beach, Tri Nguyen aquarium, Hon Mieu island, Fishing Village.

3 island speedboat tour is the most popular tours that attract almost tourists in Nha Trang city.

Nha Trang Tourist Pier

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