Quang Duc Xua In Phu Yen

Quang Duc Xua In Phu Yen:

The ancient house of Quang Duc Xua is a great stopping and sightseeing spot for you to experience the cultural flow of the land of yellow flowers and green grass while learning about the typical South Central handicraft stuff. Discover the culture of Phu Yen. When you arrive at the ancient house of Quang Duc Xua, you can admire the architecture of the Central region's ancient house with a unique space consisting of three old houses: the governor's house, the Quang Duc house, and the O Loan house; experience the sophistication of unique ceramic lines made from Tuy An's typical materials.

  • The history of Quang Duc Xua in Phu Yen:

Quang Duc Xua ancient house is located in Tuy An district, taken over 30 kilometers to the north of Tuy Hoa City, is rich in architectural culture, artisan villages, and traditional South Central items. Visitors to Quang Duc Xua will be able to view the antique wooden houses erected in the early twentieth century. These dwellings are hand-carved with antiquities and antiques, with harmony in mind.

After many historical and temporal changes, the once-glorious Ngan Son silk village and Quang Duc pottery village have faded into obscurity. The narrative of the loom in the Ngan Son silk village a few centuries ago is told in the wooden cottage adjacent to the entryway. According to historical sources, the Quang Duc pottery village dates back over 300 years, to the end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the seventeenth. The pottery town used to be prosperous; the pottery kilns in the community were red all year round, on the quay under the bustling boats. Farming tools include plows, harrows, rice mills, rice fans, and agricultural equipment.

Quang Duc Xua In Phu Yen

At the first wooden home of the historic house of Quang Duc Xua, you may observe the Ngan Son silk village people's antique looms, riverbank fishing gear, and domestic appliances like cake molds, sandwiches, and rice cakes. Ceramic..., an old sewing machine turned the coffee table, an antique telephone... all quite stunning. The second wooden home is furnished with antiques from the Quang Duc pottery village, including precious brass antiques, flower pots, aquariums for unglazed ceramics, and other items that make the viewing experience enjoyable.

  • The unique line of blood cockle glaze is lost in the past:

The traditional melody "Quang Duc pottery, Ngan Son silk" was widely passed down by Phu people, demonstrating the prominence of these two artisan towns in the past, particularly Quang Duc pottery village. This is a pottery village in the Tuy An area that has been around since the end of the 16th century.

According to legend, a Nguyen family has been bringing Go Sanh ceramics from Binh Dinh to Phu Yen since the 17th century. Quang Duc village's pottery is exceptionally high quality and elegant as a result of inheriting the Cham pottery skill.

People would recall the famous blood cockle enamel pot when they think about Quang Duc village's ceramic items. Aside from the clay, the workers added fresh blood cockles from O Loan lagoon to be baked for three days and three nights with Mang Lang wood to make beautiful completed goods, products in the same kiln but various hues, each It's distinct, therefore it's priceless and well-liked.

Quang Duc Xua In Phu Yen


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