Tran Phu Bridge Nha Trang

For locals to get around more easily, the Tran Phu Bridge was constructed in 2002. Tran Phu and Pham Van Dong are now easily accessible because of the construction of coastal roadways that connect the two cities.

Tran Phu Bridge Nha Trang History & Architecture:

There are about 460m of length and 22m of width on the Tran Phu Bridge, which has two lanes of 7.5m each, a 2.75m sidewalk, and a 1.5m middle. A structure is used in each of the four spans positions on the bridge. There are four varieties of spans: fixed, moveable 2-way, movable vertical, and horizontal moving.

As a result of the construction of Tran Phu Bridge, various architectural works have been created, such as the two embankments of the Cai River at Nha Trang, which are several restaurants, lighting, and resorts such as Muong Thanh Hotel.

Tran Phu Bridge light up a beautiful and warm beauty at night with people passing by and waves pounding against the bridge's base, producing a romantic dance. It's so romantic that you'll only notice it when you're walking here.

A remnant that was left by the Cham people, Po Nagar Cham Towers, can be seen on the opposite side of the bridge.

Tran Phu Bridge Nha Trang

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