Vietnam Covid-19 Information

After additional cases of community transmission in various cities and provinces were verified on April 27, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health ordered the isolation of certain regions, a massive effort to track down contacts, and the closing of many non-essential enterprises.

If you need more information, please read "Movement Restrictions." COVID-19 preventive methods, including mask use, social distance, and hand-washing standards are being urged by Vietnamese authorities.

Vietnam Covid-19 Information:

The Vietnam Government advises all foreigners that when visiting or living in Vietnam, they are subject to the rules and regulations of the local Vietnamese government. Vietnam's COVID-19 testing and quarantine requirements should be followed to the letter; offenders may be subject to heavy penalties.

There is a seven-day quarantine period mandated by the Vietnamese government and 14 days for individuals who are not vaccinated. Please note that these quarantine periods may be extended at any time, without previous warning to the user. The Vietnamese government may test, quarantine, and lockdown U.S. citizens traveling to or inside Vietnam, especially if they are coming from an "outbreak region," often with little or no previous warning.

Vietnam Covid-19 Specific Information:

Vietnam now has approximately 450,000 active COVID-19 patients (update as of 31 August 2021), all of whom are being treated in government facilities or at home under strict isolation requirements. Upon arrival in Vietnam, all travelers are quarantined, and any cases discovered during quarantine are immediately transported to designated treatment institutes.

Vietnamese authorities need the online Vietnam Health Declaration form if you travel to Vietnam, enter a public hospital, or in any other scenario that they feel essential. Foreigners with concerns regarding health declaration in Vietnam may contact the hotline 18001119 (free of charge).

Vietnam Covid-19 Information

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