Vietnam Visa Exemption 2023

Vietnam Visa Exemption 2023:

Vietnam visa exemption (also known as Vietnam visa waiver or Vietnam visa-free) refers to the situation in which a foreign national is permitted to enter Vietnam and stay for a specified period of time without having to follow any Vietnam visa procedure because the Vietnam government has signed a bilateral/unilateral visa exemption agreement for his/her country.

This type of visa exemption is not the same as a Vietnam visa exemption certificate (also known as Vietnam 5 years visa). Those who visit Vietnam under visa exemption will receive the following exemption stamp in their passport:

Vietnam Visa Exemption 2023

Vietnam Visa Exemption Countries 2023:

No. Country Maximum visa-free duration Applicable purpose of visit (if any)
1 Chile 90 days Entries that do not include remunerated activities
2 Panama 90 days Entries that do not include remunerated activities
3 Cambodia 30 days Not mentioned
4 Indonesia 30 days Not mentioned
5 Kyrgyzstan 30 days Not mentioned
6 Laos 30 days Not mentioned
7 Malaysia 30 days Tourism, attending press, conference/coverage, official duty, visiting relatives, business negotiation, investment, sports, or attending seminars or conferences
8 Singapore 30 days Entries that do not include remunerated activities
9 Thailand 30 days Not mentioned
10 Philippines 21 days Not mentioned
11 Brunei 14 days Not mentioned
12 Myanmar 14 days Visiting only
13 Belarus 15 days Not mentioned
14 Denmark 15 days Not mentioned
15 Finland 15 days Not mentioned
13 France 15 days Not mentioned
17 Germany 15 days Not mentioned
18 Italy 15 days Not mentioned
19 Japan 15 days Not mentioned
20 Norway 15 days Not mentioned
21 Russia 15 days Not mentioned
22 South Korea 15 days Not mentioned
23 Spain 15 days Not mentioned
24 Sweden 15 days Not mentioned
25 United Kingdom (Not applicable to BNO) 15 days Not mentioned 

Important information regarding Vietnam visa exemption:

  • The 30-day interval between 02 stays with visa exemption has been removed in accordance with the new law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam which takes effect on July 1, 2023.
  • British National Overseas (BNO) passport holders are not eligible for the 15-day Vietnam visa exemption. So, they need to apply for a visa to visit Vietnam.
  • Visa exemption includes visa exemption for entry, exit, and transit.
  • The visa-free stay period is counted from the date of entry.

The above information about the Vietnam visa exemption (updated on March 15, 2021) is provided for informational purposes only, please double-check with the official authorities in your current country before departure.

Vietnam Visa Exemption 2023

Other Vietnam Visa Exemption Cases:

  • The 30-day visa exemption is granted to those entering the coastal economic zones decided by the Government when those zones meet the following conditions:
  • Having an international airport,
  • Having their own space;
  • Having defined geographical boundaries and being separate from the mainland;
  • Being in line with socio-economic development policies while posing no threat to the national defense, security, social order, and safety of Vietnam.

Conditions for Making Vietnam Visa Exemption:

To enter Vietnam with a Vietnam visa exemption, eligible travelers are required to ensure:

  • Their passport is valid for at least 6 months following their date of arrival in Vietnam; and
  • Their passport has at least 02 blank pages.

Vietnam Visa Exemption Extension 2023:

  • Before Covid, the Vietnam visa exemption can be extended in Vietnam. However, it cannot be done today.
  • Those who want to further remain in Vietnam after the exemption duration ends must leave Vietnam for a neighboring country (such as Thailand, Cambodia, or Laos) and come back with a new visa exemption. This way of stay extension is called Visa Run.

Vietnam Visa Exemption 2023

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