Mui Dien Lighthouse In Phu Yen

Mui Dien Lighthouse In Phu Yen:

Mui Dien (Dien Cape), also known as Dai Lanh Cape, is a commune in Phuoc Tan commune, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen. Although there is still debate regarding whether Mui Dien is our country's easternmost point, one thing is certain: Mui Dien is the first spot on the Vietnam mainland to see the sunrise, one of Phu Yen's most appealing and emotive tourist spots.

  • The History of Mui Dien Lighthouse In Phu Yen:

When visiting Mui Dien, travelers should surely go to the lighthouse, Bai Mon, and Rang Dong cape. The French erected Mui Dien Lighthouse in the 1890s, with a height of around 26.5m above the lighthouse backdrop and 110m above sea level. After being interrupted by the ups and downs of history, this lighthouse was able to resume normal operations in 1997. The lighthouse's light is powered by solar batteries. The signal light is approximately 27 nautical miles away (equivalent to about 50km). This lighthouse serves as both a navigational aid for ships and a vital position for the Vietnamese revolution throughout the conflict.

To reach the top of the lighthouse, you must climb 110 spiral wooden stairs. With the enthusiasm and generosity of the people here, you may entirely ask the volunteer guides who operate at this lighthouse while ascending to the top of the lighthouse to visit.

Mui Dien Lighthouse In Phu Yen

Standing on the lighthouse, tourists will be able to see a wonderful image of nature with the big sea, majestic mountains, and white clouds in the vast blue sky. Mui Dien Lighthouse is situated in a unique geographical location, as it receives the most rainfall as well as the sunniest hours in our country, making it the region with the toughest climate in the country.

Bai Mon is a rather small beach located right at the foot of the mountain, between two mountains that form a huge bow when viewed from afar, with a clear blue sea sparkling in the sunlight beside the fine white sand. Any tourist who arrives here will feel at ease. Bai Mon's beauty is still wild since there aren't many people living there; instead, boats come to anchor. With fresh air, stunning natural scenery, and a comfortable environment, tourists will be able to immerse themselves in heaven and earth, as well as in the cold blue sea, and preserve memories. memorable with one-of-a-kind photographs.

Mui Dien Lighthouse In Phu Yen

Rang Dong Cape is a popular destination for young travelers, with a marble stele stating that this is our country's easternmost point because it was originally regarded as Vietnam's easternmost point. According to the most recent study, Mui Doi in Khanh Hoa is the easternmost point in Vietnam. However, due to the tilt of the earth's axis, Mui Dien is still the site to greet the earliest sunrise on the mainland of our country depending on the time of year.

The electric cape is approximately 30 kilometers from the heart of Tuy Hoa city; the route is fairly broad and picturesque, so guests may select between motorbikes, taxis, and contract vehicles. Coming to Mui Dien by the road along the absolutely gorgeous coast, with one side of the pure blue sea and the other side of a mountain range curving into a strip will inspire young backpackers with the sensation of excitement on the beach. This path from a distance, visitors may immediately identify the tall lighthouse facing the sea.

Mui Dien embraces the sunrise and sea breeze from nature to enhance its natural freshness. The scene here was much applauded once it was presented in the frames of the renowned film "I see yellow flowers on green grass." To get to the lighthouse, you must walk along a narrow route that winds around the slope for approximately 1km. This road is fairly challenging and will put to the test the stamina and will of people who enjoy exercise, particularly sports. Summer days are scorching. As a result, the majority of those that climb this lighthouse are young individuals who like learning and exploring new places.

Many people opt to stay here the night before in order to watch the first sunrise in the early morning, rather than moving to Mui Dien before 5 a.m. Camping is the sole choice for guests who wish to spend the night here because there are no motels or hotels in the region.

Mui Dien Lighthouse In Phu Yen


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