Bahamas Travel Advisory

Bahamas Travel Advisory. Jamaican and Bahamian officials are disputing US assertions that the island countries are hazardous for tourists due to high crime and limited access to medical care. Last month, the US State Department issued additional travel advisories, cautioning would-be sun and sand lovers to avoid two of the most popular Caribbean beach spots.

Bahamas Travel Advisory:

While the travel advisory level for the Bahamas has not changed (it remains a 2 out of 4 on the US scale), a January 26 update urged visitors to be cautious in both tourist and non-tourist areas due to an increase in crime on the islands, notably on New Providence and Grand Bahama.

According to Bahamian officials, the increase in crime mostly affects the native populace. However, tourists should constantly be mindful of their surroundings.
In a media statement issued on January 30, the Prime Minister's Office for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas declared that it is "alert, attentive, and proactive to ensure that The Bahamas remains a safe and welcoming destination." The statement went on to say, "The Bahamas government is implementing a robust and innovative crime reduction and prevention strategy." This complete strategy is guided by the most recent research and effective worldwide models, emphasizing on five important pillars: prevention, identification, prosecution, punishment, and rehabilitation."

While passengers should exercise caution in more heavily populated regions, the Bahamas is made up of hundreds of islands with dazzling blue oceans and lovely beaches that attract millions of visitors each year, including general aviation pilots. Exploring the Out Islands might provide a more relaxing and unique flight experience.

"We applaud the Bahamas government's efforts to guarantee the safety of its inhabitants and tourists. "The islands have so much to offer, and I hope to return soon," remarked AOPA President Mark Baker.

Bahamas Travel Advisory

  • Bahamas Travel Advisory:

The Out Islands of the Bahamas provide a variety of holiday alternatives, from luxury resorts to nature exploration. Some popular destination are the Abacos, a 120-mile-long island chain with dozens of caves and coves to explore. Cat Island is another popular destination due to its historical sites and local tales.

For AOPA pilots flying to and within the Bahamas, AOPA produces a detailed reference that contains airport statistics, customs and immigration information, and cultural excursion advice. For further information, see the AOPA Bahamas Pilot Guide or the Bahamas tourism page on the AOPA website.

And the U.S. Embassy in Nassau issued a security warning, informing potential visitors that "murders have occurred at all hours, including in broad daylight on the streets." The embassy claimed that 18 killings had happened since the beginning of 2024.

Although concerning, the most recent alerts do not raise the danger level of any country. The State Department has identified Jamaica as a Level 3 destination since 2022, while the Bahamas has had a Level 2 recommendation in effect for many years.

However, they arrive at the start of both nations' tourism seasons, and winter-weary Americans are looking to escape the cold in beautiful turquoise waters and white sand beaches. As a result, government officials in both countries are seeking to alleviate travel concerns.

Bahamas Travel Advisory


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