Nha Trang Salt Fields

A working industry, Hon Khoi Salt Fields in Nha Trang does not offer many amenities for tourists, yet it is fascinating to see local workers at work in Nha Trang's early morning.

Nha Trang Salt Fields Directions & Information:

The Nha Trang Salt Fields are located in Hon Khoi, it takes 45 kilometers to the north of Nha Trang, where mounds of natural salt are hand collected from shallow fields along Doc Let Beach. With Vietnam's wide coastline, Nha Trang's salt business thrives, producing around 737 thousand tonnes of salt each year.

January and June are the best times to visit. The summer environment (with temperatures that may reach up to 40°C) enables the sea salt to be poured from the East Sea into Hon Khoi Salt Fields. A 10-day evaporation period is then followed by the collection of the water in wicker baskets weighing up to 10 kg apiece.


Nha Trang Salt Fields

Hon Khoi Salt Fields Nha Trang:

The Hon Khoi Salt Fields are tended by middle-aged women between the hours of 4:00 am and 9:00 am, which is unusual for Vietnamese salt fields. Salt workers need to wear protective gear to keep themselves safe from heat and salt even though the conditions are hot. They are very personable and kind, although they only speak their native language.

You can get some beautiful shots of the salt mountains and workers lugging large baskets across the fields from the Hon Khoi Salt Fields, as well as a temple perched on a neighboring hill. The fields may be reached by car in one hour from Nha Trang's city center.

Nha Trang Salt Fields

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